Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday in Lititz!

Ken was up by 7 but only "came to life" at 8:45.  It felt so good to sleep in!  We had stopped for milk last evening, so we had cereal morning.  After doing some organizing around the apartment and showering, we left for Wal-Mart, for both the refrigerator and the cupboards were rather bare!

When we got in the car, it started to snow.  They were only predicting snow flurries, but not to be.  It snowed rather hard for a little while and we probably had about an inch or so!  The roads got rather slippery!  

Gorgeous view from our Deck!

It was beautiful, but too cold for this gal!

We had a late lunch and spent the afternoon enjoying the snow, talking with friends and family, and going through mail, etc.  

After dinner, we played some Hand and Foot and were in bed rather early.  Still trying to catch up from all the driving!


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