Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday - A Fun Day!

Ken was up early to read and study.  We left at 6:25 AM to drive to Bright's Restaurant at Ephrata where I met my Curvettes for our Christmas breakfast.  Ken went right to Jamie's to drop off the food items I will need later when I go there to make the potato filling for our family dinner.  Ken spent about 1/2 hour there enjoying time with their family.

I had a great time with the Curvettes and before we were served our breakfast we exchanged gifts - lots of edible goodies plus a unique kitchen gadget for each of us from Polly.  It was a fun morning.

Deb took me to Jamie's house after breakfast by 8:15, so I was able to chat with Dane and Cali before he took her to the bus stop.  Jamie was on her way to take Bria to the Middle School.

I had come to Jamie's to make our traditional potato filling, a recipe passed down from my Great Aunt Beulah.  Lanie came too because they both wanted to know how to make it.  Jamie mentioned that several years ago I had told them I wouldn't show them how it is made until I am dying and I needed to pass on the recipe, so she asked if I was okay!!! Yes, I just wanted to have a fun time making it together.  I had chopped all the onion and celery and cubed the bread ahead of time.  It was a fun time for the 3 of us.  

Lanie had to leave at 11:30 to pick up Sam and Katelyn at their bus stop because they only had a 1/2 day.  Ken arrived right before she left after having breakfast with a friend and visiting a classmate of ours who is paralyzed from a fall about a year ago.

Jamie asked if we would like haircuts before heading to Florida and we quickly said that would be great.  How nice of her to ask!!  So we left there at 12:45 looking a lot better than when we arrived!  I actually got a bit of a new style - shorter with extra layers.  I was ready for a change!

Ken and I did a few errands before arriving back home at 2:00.  I wrapped the last 4 gifts and Ken did some work at his desk.  I also did some needed cleaning and scouring!  We decided to order some pizza for dinner because our refrigerator and cupboards are just about bare, perfect for leaving for Florida early Tuesday morning!

Fred and Doloris arrived at 7:30 and it was a fun evening of playing Haus (ladies won) and Skip-Bo, which was won by the men.  We were so glad we had a chance to get together before Ken and I leave for Florida!  

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