Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday - Our Last Full Day with Chuck and Melissa!

Wow, time surely does fly when you are having fun!  I can't believe we have been staying with Chuck and Melissa for 1 day short of a week!  We were so blessed to have such a wonderful place to "habitat" while Wilbur is being repaired and they have been very gracious hosts!  Feels like we "just left off" where we were 1 1/2 years ago when we were last together, a sign of special friendship!

We had time to sit outside to drink our hot beverages before leaving at 9:30 for a local independent church that Chuck and Melissa have attended several times since moving here.  What friendly and welcoming folks at the church and the service was very meaningful.  We took the long way back to their house to see more of The Villages and upon our return, I started doing some wash to prepare for tomorrow's departure.  While that was taking place, we played a round of Samba in which the men beat us unmercifully!  It was awful.  

We then decided to play a round of Hand and Foot with the same results.  There wasn't even any reason to keep score!  Humiliating!  Because the wash wasn't quite finished, we started a game of Pinochle and again, the women were so far behind it was ridiculous!  There have been very few games won by the women this week!

We left around 3:15 to go to McAlisters, where you can get a combo of 2 menu items - soup, salads, sandwiches, potatoes, etc.  Again, we really enjoyed our food and we were able to eat outside. 

Love this place!

A beautiful day to eat outside!

We left there and went to the putting golf course at Fenney's where we played 18 holes and the scores were 58, 59, 59, and 60 - at least the women were competitive at golf!

This is just a putting golf course!

When leaving the area, Ken was excited to get a few sunset photos. Upon our return, Ken and Chuck went for a golf cart ride while I did some packing for our trip to St. Augustine and worked on this blog.`

What beautiful coloring!

Ken enjoyed driving their golf cart!

Then it was time for more games - the women were willing to try again to win a game!  We played 2 games of Pinochle and the women won both of them - hallelujah!  We ended the night playing 5 Crowns and the men won by a very small margin.  Ken did take a break to photograph the super moon, but there were lots of clouds that made it tough to get a good picture!

We called it a day around 9:45 and then Ken did some reading, I finished the blog, and we watched the end of the Eagles game.

Tomorrow we will leave around 9 AM to meet Rick and Joyce in St. Augustine at noon.  Looking forward to seeing them again and feeling so blessed to have had this special time with Chuck and Melissa.

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