Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday - Busy but so Manageable!

Ken left at 8:30 to take breakfast to a friend from Celebrate Recovery so they could spend some time together before we leave for the winter!  Afterwards, he stopped at both of his brother's homes to drop off a photo enlargement we had made from the Hosler Christmas breakfast last Saturday.

While Ken was gone I did some laundry, made oat bran muffins, and did some additional packing.   After lunch, Ken did some work at his desk and then we both at time to relax.  

We left at 4:15 for our Christmas Service at LCBC.  I did talk to Noela on the way there and we sang Happy Birthday to Ernie.   It is so cold and snowy in Quebec with temperatures at night below zero!  What is that about?  Some days it is below zero too!

The church service was well done and very meaningful.  For the 1st time, Bria sat in Church with us and she enjoyed the music!  Following the service, Jamie invited us and Dane's parents to their house to enjoy the Mexican food they had ordered from a great local Mexican restaurant!  It was exceptional and we had such a fun evening!

Dane and Jamie's house was nicely decorated for the Holidays!

We were home by 9:30 and went right to bed!  Tomorrow will be another fun day!

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