Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday - We Are In Florida!!!!

Ken was up by 7 but I stayed in bed until about 8:45!  I just wasn't quite ready to face the day, but a beautiful day it was - plenty of sunshine with the temperature getting up to 80!  Wow!  Quite a change from yesterday morning when we left PA!

We slowly unpacked most of the food and clothing we brought with us and made a grocery list for Wal-Mart (both the cupboards and refrigerator are rather bare!).  Ken decided he needed to wash Wilbur (quite a job for a tired driver), because we really couldn't set-up outside until that task was completed.  So that was his job for the next 5 hours - Wow!

I had phone calls from Nancy Savage (they are on there way to Florida for the winter), my friend, Jackie, from back in PA, and Joyce who recently moved to Venice.  So nice to talk to all of them.

I headed to Wal-Mart around noon and only returned at 2:30.  Ken was still washing Wilbur!  I sat on ice for my back (probably hurting from lack of movement yesterday, although it never bothers me when in the car!) and then worked on this blog.  I was happy that Ken decided to take a much needed nap!  I called and talked to Polly back home while I was sitting outside in the warm sunshine!  Did I mention how much I love Florida's winter weather???

I made salads for us for tonight and tomorrow night and sauteed peppers, onions, and chicken to put on them.  We ate our salads watching the Nightly News.  Yes, for some reason our antenna booster is now working since we returned.  Not sure what is different, but we aren't complaining.  Ken said he did "jiggle" some wires while he was on Wilbur's roof, so I think he gets the credit for "fixing it"!  We are just thankful!

I talked to my mother and they were so excited because Jamie, Lanie, and our granddaughters visited them at Masonic Village today!  Mother said the little ones were so well behaved and so polite and they had a wonderful time.  They took 6 gift cards we had purchased for mom and dad that can be used at stores where she shops for necessity items for Dad and her.  They were so surprised and grateful.

After dinner, Ken and I played a full game of Hand and Foot and he won rather handily!  It is now 8:30 and still 67 degrees!  Loving it!  I think I will soon call it a day!  Still have some sleep to "catch up on" after all that driving yesterday!  Looking forward to getting set-up outside tomorrow since Ken is finished cleaning Wilbur and he looks "sexy"!  (I mean Wilbur!)

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