Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday - Getting Ready to Go Home for Christmas!

Ken was up by 6 to do some reading, but I only appeared at 7:00.  We made breakfast and then got ready to play pickleball.  It was in the low 50's when we got to the courts and rather cool in the shade.  It was so good to see many of our Canadian friends that we play pickleball with each year.  We were welcomed back by all!

I enjoyed playing but my leg and hip really didn't want to cooperate.  I had trouble stretching for the ball and picking it up off the ground.  This hip and leg problem is really getting "old"!  I did play about 4 or 5 games, but by the last one I had enough!  Ken did so well and really had a good time!  If he plays regularly he will be a great player!

We were back to Wilbur around 11:15 and the packing for heading home began.  Ken emptied the tanks while I decided what clothes I should take home and what should stay.  My closet here is way too full, so I had to make some choices.  I also packed some food that I didn't think should be here for the next 2 weeks.  Ken sorted through things in the car and in the basement of Wilbur.  Then I cleaned so Wilbur will look "good" when we return.  

After we were organized, we played a game of Hand and Foot before dinner, which I won - Yeah!!  We ate our leftovers from last night's delicious meal, cleaned up, and showered.  I worked on the blog and Ken did some reading.  We are hoping to be on the road around 2:30 tomorrow morning and maybe make it home late tomorrow night!  We shall see!

Noela called to wish us a safe trip home!  Good to talk to her!  Obviously, we will go to bed early!  It will still be a short night!

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