Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday - Fun Day!

We had a relaxing morning and a late breakfast.  After showers, we decided to head towards Sarasota to Costco to fill our refrigerator and I must say, we did a good job!

Costco was so busy when we arrived but by the time we got to the check-out the crowds had really diminished.  We stocked up on meat and veggies plus snack bars and trail mix.  I think Costco was happy to see us!!!!

We were back to the campground by 1:30, put everything in its proper place, and then took a walk.  

We left at 3:30 to met 4 other couples at one of our favorite restaurants near here, Farlow's on the Water, about 20 minutes from the CG.  Rick and Joyce are members of our church Life Group, but moved permanently to Venice, FL in July and they organized the gathering.  Barb and Frank attend LCBC back home and own a home in Sarasota.  They will moving here full time in the very near future.  Deb and Howie just bought a home near North Port which is just south of Venice and are both working, so they come down whenever possible.  They are also members of LCBC.  Skip and Judy moved to Florida from Paradise, PA 13 years ago and positively love it.  They live in the outskirts of Venice.  Skip worked with Lloyd and Deb Eberly and they introduced them to Rick and Joyce.  Ken and I were the "newbies" in the group only knowing Barb, Frank, Rick and Joyce.   What a delightful evening with special folks, good food, and a wonderful setting.  We only parted at 6:45.

What a Group!

We are sitting on the edge around the fire pit.  It was a cool
evening, so it felt great!

The guys decided they should give it a try!

Rick and Joyce followed us to the CG and we played Hand and Foot and then a game of double deck Pinochle.  The women won both and by a rather large margin!  Impressive!  It was a fun time.

They left around 11 and Ken and I went to bed.

We are so blessed here in Florida to have people to share life with!

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