Monday, February 20, 2017

A Beautiful Day with Plenty of Sunshine and in the 80's!

Ken and I were up early and on the pickleball courts by 8:15.  Not too many players today so we played numerous games.  Both of us felt good about our playing and had a great time.  Both of us were asked to be partners for an upcoming tournament in the Venice area.  We were excited to be asked and to be able to participate in a tournament.

This blue heron was outside Wilbur when we left to go
to Sarasota!

Back to Wilbur to shower and change and by 10:15 the 4 of us were on our way to Sarasota.  I wanted to go to the to Michael's Craft Stores in that area to see if I could find any of the original small white frames I had bought when we 1st arrived here.  The frames were a seasonal item and I couldn't find them anywhere, including on-line.  What a surprise - both of stores in Sarasota had some of them and they were on sale - YES!  I got enough to last me for quite awhile!

Then we stopped at Costco for a hot dog lunch and some groceries - you have to eat!!!!!  We were back to the CG by 3 and by 3:45 we were on our way to a dock where we had a 4:30 reservation for a water taxi ride to Rum Bay Restaurant on Palm Island.  There were 10 of us who went from our CG, all of them folks that Ernie and Noela met and did things with the last 2 years when they all spent 3 months at the CG.  We were so happy to be included.  

We enjoyed the nice boat ride

Dale and Kathy

Bill and Carol

Ernie and Noela

Jim and Joyce

..... and the delicious food at the restaurant.  They had a special that 2 could dine for $22.00 and it included an entree with a chose of sides with one being a salad.  It really was very good and such a nice setting.

Walking from the boat to the restaurant!

Quite a table full!!!

Ken and I liked the way they displayed
these shells.  I think I may try to make
one for us to hang!
After dinner we walked out to the beach area.  Most of the folks on the island do not have cars but get around on golf carts.  It is a beautiful area that I think is rather exclusive. The boat ride back to our cars was so peaceful and very "dark".  We returned to the CG by 8 after a wonderful evening.

How beautiful!

Looks like a great place to sit!

Upstairs is the Rum Bay Restaurant where we had eaten!

Ken and I packed our lunches for tomorrow when we spend the day with Fred and Doloris Martin from back home.  They are here for 3 weeks and already over a week has passed.  They are camping in a park just south of Tampa in their 5th wheel.  Her sister and her husband own a park model there, so we are thankful they are willing to take time to meet us.  Hopefully we will see them several times while they are here!

Ken talked to Lanie today and I had a nice chat with my sister.    Also checked in the Chuck and Melissa because there had been a tornado just north of San Antonio!  Fortunately they were not affected. They are really enjoying their winter in Texas, playing lots of golf! 

This has been another special day in Florida! 

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