Monday, February 27, 2017

Still Not Feeling Great!

We did get up around 9 and decided we had better eat something.  So, we had some cereal and fruit.  Ken did the dishes while I did some e-mails and by then we were tired and ready for another nap.  We slept about an hour. 

Both of us felt a little better so we decided to shower and get dressed.  Maybe that will make us feel "human".  Unfortunately it didn't help a whole lot!  We had to take another nap.

Cindy called to check on us and I appreciated it.  They moved to Victorian Palms Resort on Friday and are really enjoying that CG.  So many activities, about 96 I think.  She joined their choir.  The worst part about Texas is being away from the beach and it is very windy.  They have only had their awning out 1 time!  They plan to return to Florida next winter!

As the day progressed we felt a bit better.  Ken had a nice conversation with Lanie and I e-mailed our small group to let them know we were sick. We both did some reading, but mostly we relaxed.

We did walk to the dumpsters (our big venture for the day) and talked to Doloris to let her know that we weren't feeling well enough to get together tomorrow.  Turns out she isn't feeling the best either.

Ken grilled chicken for supper and I made quinoa because it was time for us to eat something substantial.  I decided I felt good enough to make some sea glass pictures, but after making 5, I was ready to lie down and watch The Voice.  I love that show and the interaction with the judges! By the time it was over, both Ken and I were ready for bed. Hopefully tomorrow we will feel a lot better!

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