Saturday, February 4, 2017

Another Great Day for a Bike Ride!

Ken and I were up before 7 doing some reading and I was studying The Purpose Drive Life!  I got ready to go to Pickleball, but when I got there the courts were empty - no players today.  Maybe they are afraid to play with or against me - NOT!  Probably they were afraid I would show up and they stayed away! Anyway, no pickleball playing today!

I had thought about doing laundry instead of pickleball, so I wish I would have known ahead of time that no one would be playing today.  But it was too late to start that process when I got back to Wilbur.  Ken had just finished cleaning up from breakfast so we each did some more reading than slowly got ready for todays adventure to Boca Grande.  We packed our lunches and then Ken loaded our bikes on the back of Ernie's truck.  We did make a trip to Michael's so I could purchase some additional small frames for my sea glass pictures.  Upon our return, I spray varnished the apple snail shells that we had picked up earlier this week and Ken had spent time washing and cleaning.  

At 11 the 4 of us left for Boca Grande to ride bike, walk, and spent some time on the beach.  It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day and Boca Grande was a great place to spend our time together.  Gasparilla is the island where Boca Grande is located and it is quite the elite place.  It is the home of Gasparilla State Park and 2 light houses!  Real Estate is extremely expensive and the homes are beautiful.  There is a large Inn on the island that was completed in 1913 before roads were built on the southern gulf coast, so the wealthy northerners came by train to spend their winters there!  The Boca Grande Pass is considered among the best tarpon fishing spots in the world.

We started our time walking the beach and looking for sharks teeth without much success.  

I thought the water was a bit chilly, but not Ernie!  He needed
to give it a try!

Then we drove to Gasparilla State Park at the end of the island to eat our lunches.  After eating, we got on our bikes to ride on the wonderful bike path that runs the length of the island.  

You have to share the bike path with all the golf carts.  The
path on the right is for walkers!

On the far right is the road for cars.
The landscaping in front of one of the beautiful homes!

We stopped at an art show along the way. It was near a fishing dock and very old tackle shop!  

One special van!

This fisherman was selling fresh shrimp off his commercial

After riding about 6 miles, we stopped in the quaint village shopping area of Boca Grande and had some delicious ice cream. 

Large Banyan tree in downtown Boca Grande!

The large, old railroad station is now home to a restaurant and

Time for some delicious ice cream!

 Then we rode back to the truck after biking about 9 miles and Ken took photos along the way and at the end of the island in Gasparilla State Park!

I think this osprey is enjoying lunch!

This year they are in the process of repainting this lighthouse!
It was a rusty eyesore for many years!

Noela was such a "trooper" today!  She thinks she is fighting allergies for she has a "wicked" cough, runny nose, watery eyes, and sounded terrible, but she kept going!  Great job, Noela!

We were back to the CG by 5:30 and Ken took a nap while I played Pop Words and then did some reading and studying.  After dinner and clean-up (and of course watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!), I worked on the blog and Ken read.

We decided to not get together for games this evening so Noela could relax and get some extra rest.  I did get a call from my friend, Jackie, from back home and we had a nice, long chat.  So happy to talk to her - special friends are so important!

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