Saturday, February 25, 2017

Craft Show/Yard Sale at the CG!.

Ken had taken Tylenol several times during the night for a bad headache. Didn't sound very good, but he said he was fine to help set-up at our site for the craft show.  It was a perfect morning with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. Ken went inside and took an hour nap while I "worked" the show.  Not as good as the one the end of January, but it went well.  Again, the pictures were the big hit.  I will have to get busy and make more for the craft show on Pine Island next Saturday.  

We cleaned up by 11:30 and then went to the office and reserved the same site for 3 months next year.  Stopped by Ernie and Noela's to let them know that Ken wasn't feeling the best and I was not 100% either.  After lunch, I played some Pop Words while Ken napped.  I also made some pendants.

The 4 of us did play 1 game of shuffleboard (Ken wanted too) but I could tell it wasn't easy for him.  Ken and I had salads for dinner and we did go over to Ernie and Noela's for about 1/2 hour to chat and have a cup of tea. She also gave us some delicious oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies right out of her oven. We were in bed right after 9. 

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