Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday!

Ken and I were up early and able to do some reading before we got ready to go to Church.  We met Eddie and Lori Paparo, members of our small group back home, at the church.  It was so nice to have them join us.  All of us enjoyed the service and our time spent together.

After church Ken and I went to Wal-Mart and Big Lots for a few items before getting back to the CG.  We had decided that we would watch the Super Bowl Game and all its festivities at Wilbur and that I'd make some sea glass pictures while I watched.

But, 1st things 1st!  I did 2 loads of wash at the CG while Ken did some raking around Wilbur and finished washing and rinsing shells.  Then Ken helped me mix a double batch of Noela's healthy muffins and I made my jello/tapioca dessert. Ken did all the dishes while I started being "creative" outside and watching the pre-game activities.  He joined me after making salads for tonight and tomorrow.  Noela and Ernie stopped by just to check on us.

We had to move indoors right after the game started because it got cool when the sun went down.  Ken grilled chicken and then we spent the evening watching the exciting game.  It was incredible - right????  We really wanted Atlanta to win, but after the coolness and precision that Tom Brady showed in the 2nd half you couldn't help but think the Patriots deserved to win.  What a comeback!

Ernie and Noela joined us right after halftime and we all agreed that Lady Gaga was amazing!  What stamina!  They watched the rest of the game with us and we had a fun time!  We watched a little of the post game hoopla and then it was off to bed.  It was a productive day!

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