Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tuesday and Wednesday - Sunny, Windy Days!

I planned to go to Pickleball, but realized there was a lot of things I wanted to accomplish today, so Ken and I took our 1st morning walk around the CG instead.  It was a nice time to walk and we saw our 1st alligator in the canal behind our campsite.  Ken and I decided that we would spend the day at the CG so we could get ready for our small group tomorrow and I could work on crafts for my show this Saturday on Pine Island.  So, after breakfast, I baked pumpkin muffins for tomorrow and then we spent about 1 1/2 hours working together on the section of The Purpose Driven Life that we will be discussing in our small group.  Then I sent an e-mail to the group with some additional info regarding tomorrow's discussion time.

After lunch, Ken put things away outside because of the strong winds today and those predicted for tomorrow.  I spent the afternoon and early evening making sea glass pictures.  We did get together with Ernie and Noela and played 2 games of shuffleboard and then men won both of them, but not by much!! After dinner we went to their RV and the women won Racko easily and the men did the same with Skip-Bo.

Did talk to Doloris Martin today when I saw the snow prediction for back home. They are living for Florida, towing their 5th wheel, when Fred gets off work on Wednesday and they are hoping to leave early enough to beat the snow.  

Wednesday we packed things in the CRV and were on our way to Rick and Joyce's home in Venice by 8:15.  It worked for all 5 couples in our small group to get together and Rick and Joyce graciously made a breakfast casserole with the rest of us providing rolls, muffins, and fresh fruit.  It was delicious.  The discussion went so well because everyone was very willing to participate.

These ducks were swimming in the body of water
at the back of Rick and Joyce's home! 
Aren't they beautiful!

Okay, yes!   The male is very striking compared to the

By 1:15 we parted ways with plans for 6 of us to meet at Casey Key Fish House at 3:15 for "lupper".  It was a fun time with delicious grouper for some of the group. 

Then all 10 of us met at the Drum Circle on Nokomis Beach to watch the sunset and enjoy the music.  Another very special day!

The drummers are having a good time!

Belly Dancers and hula hoopers in the middle of the circle!

They have the drum circle every Wednesday and Saturday
night and I am amazed how many people come out each night!

Getting close to sunset!

The day is slowly comping to an end!

Folks love taking photos of the sunset!

So beautiful!

Ken and I stopped at Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree on the way back, arriving at the CG at 8:15. After unloading the car, we went over to chat with Ernie and Noela.  They had spent the day in the Everglades and took a fun an educational boat ride.  Dolphins swam in the wake of the boat and did a lot of jumping and playing for the people on the ride.

We were in bed by 11.  It was a very bus day!

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