Thursday, February 9, 2017

Another Day Spent at the Campground

Ken was up early and did a lot of reading and then left at 7:30 to get a few needed items at Wal-Mart, including eggs for his brreakfast.   I got ready to go to Pickleball and was leaving just as he got back.  It was already 74 degrees!

Pickleball went very well and I was pleased with my playing - it's about time I have some good games!  I was back by 10 and Ken was still reading and working on the computer.   At 11, Stefani, a fellow camper and licensed cosmetologist, came to our site and cut our hair outside. I get very nervous to have a "stranger" cut my hair because for the past 15 or so years our daughter Jamie has done it! Stefani did a great job!

Then Ken and I spent time getting Valentine cards ready to send to our granddaughters.  After eating lunch outside, Ken did some additional work on the computer and I started more craft projects.  We did stop and went over to help Ernie and Noela assemble a new screened canopy they bought today.  It was quite a project but it looks great!  Fortunately, Jim and Joyce stopped by to help and they have one that is very similar, so they provided some much needed instruction.

After dinner (and of course Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy) we took dessert to Ernie and Noela's and then the men won Uno!  The women seem to have trouble winning lately!  That will have to change.

We did have a nice chat with Lanie today and she and her family are doing well. Lanie is still cautious with her activity because of her concussion at Thanksgiving.  The headaches are much better, but she still needs to limit too much strenuous exercise.  I also checked in with Fred and Doloris and they arrived in the Tampa area late this afternoon.  We look forward to seeing them during their 3 week visit!

Tomorrow looks like a good day to go to the beach!

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