Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cloudy Morning but Already in the Upper 60's!

Ken was up at 5:30, but I didn't arise until 6:30.  The morning was spent reading, working on the blog, and setting up outside for the arrival of our small church group.

We left at 8:45 to meet the group at a nearby Denny's for breakfast.  Deb had gone back to PA for about 3 weeks, so the Eberlys were not with us today. After a great breakfast, we drove back to our CG to have our study time outside of Wilbur.  It was near 70 with plenty of sunshine!

We are continuing our study of The Purpose Drive Life and are goal as a group is to spend more time in fellowship with each other.   You need to share life with other people and be supportive of each other if you want to mature in your spiritual life.  This group is definitely up for the challenge.

Everyone left at 2 so obviously we had a lot to discuss and share.  Rick and Joyce stayed until 3 which gave us just enough time to play 1 game of pinochle which the women easily won!

Ken went to yoga at Edgewater Church and I worked on more sea glass pictures.  Ernie and Noela joined us for dinner - they brought their salads and dessert for all of us while Ken and I provided grilled shrimp and quinoa.  It was a delicious meal!

Instead of playing cards, we spent about 1 1/2 hours chatting and discussing "life"!  They left at 10 and I called my sister who is RVing with her husband in Texas.  We had a very nice time talking.  They are enjoying Texas but it is very windy.  They are excited to move to Victoria Palms resort on the 24th.  It is a nicer park than the one they are currently in.

We turned out the lights at 11 after a very special day!  

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