Saturday, February 11, 2017

Friday and Saturday - Beautiful Sunny, Warm Days!

Ken's foot is much better, so he decided to go with Ernie on his morning walk.  I played pickleball, so we both had a great time!  After an omelette breakfast, I talked to Nancy Savage and we finalized our plans for having lunch together tomorrow on Pine Island.  I did some crafting and we both did some reading before leaving at 11:30 with Ernie and Noela and drive to downtown Venice to get our 1st scone of the season!

They grow huge strawberries in Florida!

The scones at Upper Crust Bakery are so delicious and I can't believe it has taken us 6 weeks to finally enjoy one!  As per usual, they were fabulous!

Ken and I had a white cherry chocolate and an orange cranberry!

By 1, we were on Nokomis Beach and Ken immediately started walking the beach.  After all, this is where he found his huge shark's tooth and he was on a mission.  I read for a while and then walked the beach.  I found a few small sharks teeth and about 5 small pieces of sea glass - nothing overly exciting. Ken's walk produced about the same results, except for one very large piece of green sea glass.

We stopped at Detweiler's Farm Market on the way back to the CG for more fruit and veggies (red and green grapes for 88 cents a lb).  We were back to Wilbur by 5:45 and we started loading the CRV for tomorrow's craft show at the Lutheran Church on Pine Island.  I finished a few sea glass pictures and by the time we showered we were ready for bed.  No time for game playing.

We were up a little before 6 on Saturday morning, ate a light breakfast, and finished loading the car for our 9 AM craft show.  It was a bit chilly - 50 degrees. It was a little over an hour drive to Pine Island, so we were on our way by 6:45. We experienced a gorgeous sunrise on the bridge over Peace River when entering Punta Gorda.  

Sunrise over the Peace River on our way to Pine Island!

We were set-up and ready for the Craft Show to begin about 8:45.  They show was from 9 to 1, just the right amount of hours and the weather was perfect except for a few occasional gusts of wind.  This was the 1st "real" craft show where I sold sea glass pictures and I am thrilled to say it was a success.  I took 28 pictures and only had 2 left when the show was over - I was amazed! 

I have so much fun making these pictures!  Hardest part is finding
the right shape of the sea glass to make the designs!

We had a nice location right outside of the entrance to the
fellowship hall.  A perfect day to be outside!

At 1:45 we were at the Pine Island CG to visit Neil and Nancy Savage.  We chatted in their 5th wheel for about 45 minutes and then went to Low Key Tiki Hut to enjoy eating a delicious "lupper" outside.  The food and fellowship was exceptional.  We were so happy to spend time with them.

Thanks, Neil and Nancy, for sharing your day with us.  We
had such a good time!

On the way back to the CG we stop at 2 Michael's store looking to buy more frames for sea glass pictures I need to make for our next craft show. We made a stop to see if we could get a picture of the burrowing owls.  We only saw 1 but he was more than willing to pose for photographer, Ken!

Wow, how camouflaged!

The burrowing owls are rather small, but cute!

We experienced the sunrise this morning over the Peace River so it was only appropriate to take pictures of the sunset at the same place on the way back!

Wow, what a gorgeous sunset!

Back to the CG by 7:45 and we stopped by Ernie and Noela's and enjoyed visiting in their new screened room complete with TV, white lights, and a fire in their fire ring.  We were very tired, so we returned to Wilbur, unloaded most of the "stuff" from the craft show, did some reading and turned out the lights around 10:30. It was a long, but special day!

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