Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday - Day with Fred and Doloris!

Ken woke with a headache, sore throat and congestion.  No good, but of course he said he was fine!  I went to play pickleball for about 1 hour.  Ken had cooked his breakfast while I was gone and set-up outside.  Then he discovered his bike had a flat tire and the glue in the patch kit was dried up.  So, he replaced the tube, loaded our bikes, and took a short nap.  

Fred and Doloris arrived at 11:30 and after some "chatting" we drove around the CG looking at possible sites we could move to next year.  It didn't take us long to realize we needed to stay right where we are.  It is a great site and we are close to Ernie and Noela.  They had renewed their site for 3 months next year and we will do the same.

We ate lunch outside at Wilbur and then drove to the Cape Haze Bike Trail and rode 11 1/2 miles, turning around at the point where we saw the eagle's nest. We couldn't believe how big the eaglets had gotten.  They are bigger than their mother!

This trail is only about 15 minutes from our CG!

A nice, level trail!

This turtle was busy eating and didn't seem to mind us being close!

We could not believe the size of the eaglets!

Back to the parking lot after a 11 1/2 mile ride!

When we returned to the CG the 4 of us went to visit Ernie and Noela and invited them to play Skip-Bo with us.  Until they arrived, Fred, Doloris, Ken and I played Hause and the women easily won.  Skip-Bo with the 6 of us was another story.  The men were the winners.  Did I ever mention that I really hate that game!  I think the men get all the skip-bo cards!

The 6 of us ate dinner together outside at Wilbur.  Ken grilled meat and Doloris and I made salads and I sauteed lots of fresh veggies.  Ernie and Noela provided their own meat and salads.  We had cookies I had baked for dessert.  After doing lots of dishes, everyone left by 8:15.  Ken was feeling very poorly, so he went right to bed.

It was a fun day with special friends.  We had wanted to go to the beach today, but the red tide was at a moderate to severe level, so that wasn't even a consideration.

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