Friday, February 3, 2017

Small Group Gathering and Time on the Beach!

Friday was another beautiful day with lots of gorgeous sunshine and temperatures near 80 degrees - wow!

Ken and I spent time doing the final preparations for meeting with our Small Group from LCBC, our church back home.  As I mentioned before, all 10 of us are nearby and when we get together, the longest drive any of us would have is about an hour!  3 of us have motorhomes and stay in CG's and the other 2 couples bought homes fairly recently in Venice.

At 8:30, the 10 of us met at a nearby Denny's for breakfast where we had delicious food and wonderful fellowship!

What a group!

By 10 we were all together in our CG sitting outside of Wilbur to begin our study of Rick Warren's book, The Purpose Drive Life.  I had agreed to lead the discussions of this book which will be covered in 1 meeting a week for 6 weeks and we will all be available to do that while in Florida.  Some folks may miss a time or two, but all in all, it will work for most of us. 

What a great group of special friends!

I do not profess to be a teacher and with the book offering so much "food" for thought and discussion, I was not quite sure what format to use or where to start.  Fortunately all went well and everyone was willing to share and add their thoughts throughout our discussion time.  We were together until 1:15 and I felt we all learned a lot from each other.  It was a very special time!

Ken and I ate lunch and then drove to Manesota Beach for about 3 hours.  We spent most of the time walking and looking for "treasures".  We actually found several dozen sharks teeth just going through the shells where we were sitting! We planned to stay for the sunset, but both of got chilly and knew we had numerous things we wanted to work on this evening, so Ken took several photos as we were leaving before the sunset!

Getting close to sunset, but time to leave!

Nice photo, Ken!

We got back to the CG around 6:15, checked in with Ernie and Noela, and then grilled dinner.  Ken went through the photos he had taken the last several days and I worked on this blog.  We decided not to get together to play games tonight so we could "catch up" on a few things like phone calls, e-mails, and the blog!

It has been another great day!

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