Monday, February 6, 2017

Beautiful Warm, Sunny Day!

Ken spent a lot of the morning reading and studying and I did the same before heading to the pickleball court!  It went well today and I had a good time!  I played about 5 games before returning to Wilbur.  

We had a wonderful conversation with Jamie.  It seems that last week was a rather challenging one for her family but they are anticipating it to be a lot better starting today!  I talked to my mom and dad and they seem to be doing very well.  Dad still has some pain but it is better and mom is more willing to accept whatever he chooses as far as his treatments, medications, etc.  Ken talked to Dave Horst, a friend from our market days in Lancaster County, and we are planning to visit them next Monday or Tuesday.  We always have such a good time with them.  It is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from the CG near Marco Island.  It will be a fun day!

Ernie, Noela, Ken and I left the CG at 11:30 and drove to Alligator Creek Preserve near Punta Gorda.  I talked to my sister on the way to hear how they are liking their stay at Sunshine Palms RV Park in Texas.  I think the verdict is still out as they only arrived last Wednesday and the weather hasn't been the best.  

There are 5 trails at Alligator Creek Preserve and Ernie and Noela had done one of them on Sunday morning.  We all walked back to the pond to see the alligator and the interesting fish.  There was a female tilapia that was making a "nest" for the laying of her eggs.  It was so fascinating watching her.  She would swim around the "hole" making it larger and deeper by putting the sand in her mouth and then heading out to the edge and spitting out the sand. What a laborious project!!   Ken also spotted a red shouldered hawk!

Blowing out the sand!

You can see her "depression/hole" behind her!

We ate out packed lunches before taking the Three Lakes Trail and then the Pine Flatwoods Trail, for about a 2 1/2 mile walk.  Again, it was like walking through native Florida.  It was a beautiful walk, but we saw very few birds or animals. 

Several bridges and wooden boardwalks on the trail!

This is the Brazilian Pepper.  It is an invasive plant that can be
poisonous to birds and animals.  Looks beautiful and so colorful
but don't let it fool you.  They have not found a good way
to get rid of it!

When we returned to the pond, we had one more look a the fish, a turtle, and the alligator that was sunning on the shore.

Ken and Ernie decided to take a short walk to another pond and when they started out Noela and I heard them scream.  They claimed an armadillo charged them and we know how BIG and scary they can be!!!  We found it a bit hard to believe, but Noela and I did run towards them when they left out the loud scream.  They did see another alligator -

A fairly large alligator!

On the way back we stopped at Michael's so I could get some additional frames for my sea glass pictures.  After showers, I cut up lots of veggies for sauteing and at 6:40 Ken left for Celebrate Recovery at Edgewater Church.  I download photos, worked on this blog, and then did some crafting.  He returned around 9:15 and by 10 we were in bed!  It was a busy day!

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