Monday, February 13, 2017

Spent A Lot of the Day Crafting!

I was on the pickleball court from 8:15 to 9:45 and had a fun time and played fairly well.  I was happy!  Ken did a lot of reading and cooked himself breakfast while I was gone. 

Ken and I started doing the work required for making sea glass pictures.  He worked outside sanding and painting frames and I worked inside going thru the glass and gluing the pictures together.  Amazing how much time we spent on our "jobs"!  Short break for lunch and then we continued working.  At 4:30 we played one game of shuffleboard with Ernie and Noela and the women won by a rather large margin - go ladies!!

After a grilled dinner, Ken went to Celebrate Recovery and Noela and I spent the evening shopping at Hobby Lobby, Bealls Outlet, and TJ Maxx.  We were relatively success!  All of us were back to the CG by 9:30.  Ken and I went right to bed!

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