Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Do Nothing Day!

Ken and I both felt rather sick when we got up.  He said it was his worst night ever - he thought it would never end.  He looked terrible and so out of it.  I knew he was really sick when he said I needed to take him to Urgent Care.  

We were there by 8:30 and they were able to take him quickly.  He was so shaky and clammy.  They prescribed some cough medicine and an antibiotic, saying that he could have the flu (he had a flu shot) or a bad sinus infection.  I stopped at CVS and then Wal-Mart to get his prescriptions filled, but neither Pharmacy opened until 10.  So I drove him back to the CG and he went right to bed.

I left and went back to CVS to get his medicine and by then I was ready to go back to bed - felt achy and my teeth and ears were hurting.  What is going on? After taking the medication, we both slept for about 2 hours.  I did go over to Ernie and Noela to give them an update on what was happening.

Ken went back to bed at 3:15 and I worked on this blog.  Then I went back to bed too!  We actually slept most of the day.  Neither of us had an appetite.  We did talk to Jamie and Bria and Cali had a fantastic swim meet. It was championships and they both did extremely well.

Both of us felt exhausted and achy so by 8:30 we were in bed for the night and Ken was up around 6 but did come back to bed and slept some more.  I never got up until 9. I don't know when we have been so sick and so tired.  Hopefully we will see some improvement tomorrow.

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