Friday, March 31, 2017

Our Last Full Day In Florida for this Trip!

I decided I would begin this post by showing you one of the
coconut fish I recently painted.  Each one has their own

I sold this one today, but took photos
before I said "good-bye"!  She went to
a good home!!

Ken was up by 6:15 and he woke me at 6:45.  We planned to play pickleball but after Ken checked the weather on his phone, there was rain approaching.  So we quickly dressed and went outside and brought in everything that we wanted to pack up for our departure tomorrow before it got "soaked"!  That included chairs, rugs, table coverings, grill, and drying rack.  As soon as we got inside Wilbur light rain started - what timing!!!!

Well, so much for playing pickleball which was really disappointing because we wanted an opportunity to say good-bye to all the French pickleball players.  We spent the time making breakfast and I worked on the blog and downloaded photos while the rain continued and got a bit heavier! This is probably about the 3rd time it has rained in the 3 months we have been here!

Ken went outside and loaded our bikes and a few other things.  I continued to do the same inside Wilbur.  At 11:30 Ernie, Noela, Ken and I drove to Farlows on the Water for another delicious lunch.  What a fitting thing to do on our last full day here in Florida. 

When we got back to the CG Ken emptied our tanks and then he disconnected the sewer and water.  

At 4:15 the 4 of us went to play shuffleboard.  Noela and I were pretty confident we could win, but not to be!!!!  The men won the 1st 2 games, we won the 3rd, and then the men won the 4th.  A bit disappointing!

We were back to Wilbur by 5:15 and Ken disconnected the water, we brought in the slides, and raised the jacks.  We put out the bed slide for tonight and we plan to be on the road by 5 AM tomorrow.  

After dinner we walked the small loop of the CG and we so happy to see 2 of the Canadian couples with whom we played pickleball.  We were able to chat and say our goodbyes until we meet here again next year.  Then we visited Ernie and Noela for about an hour before saying our goodbyes.  They may spend a night or 2 camping near us on their way home so there is a good possibility we will see them before we all return to Florida!

What a gorgeous sunset seen from the back of Ernie and Noela's campsite-

The colors were even more spectacular than this picture shows!
There were bralliant teal and pink stripes in the water!

We left there at 8:45 and were in bed around 9:15.  Hopefully all will go well and we will be on our way early tomorrow morning!

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  1. love your fishy! those 3 pics at the end of your post looks like a 3 step succession of a kiss with the 2 sides eventually coming together with the kiss. do I have an imagination or what??
    your sis