Saturday, October 21, 2017

Another Hiking Day!

Ken only got up at 6:45 and I joined him in the LR at 7:15.  We made omelettes for breakfast, cleaned up, and then we both did some devotions and reading.  We played one round of Hand and Foot and then changed for hiking and packed some snacks and water.

It was around 50 degrees when we left, but the sun was shining and it was predicted to get in the low 70's.  We were on our way by 10 to go hiking on the Kittatinny Point Trail which we had done before and it is a rugged, rocky, steep hike that brings you to a gorgeous overlook for a panoramic view of the Delaware Water Gap.  When we arrived at the huge parking area, there was absolutely no place to park.  We drove around numerous times, but there wasn't even one spot.  So we decided to come up with another plan and went to the Douglas Parking area and decided to hike to the Sunfish Pond.  

The Douglas Trail was marked moderate/strenuous and they knew what they were talking about.  Most of the path was uphill but fortunately the gain of 1,000 feet was not straight up, but you definitely knew you were going uphill.  Soon after we started hiking, there was a deer on the trail.  

Named after the Supreme Court Justise,
William Douglas!

We are definitely on a "climb"!

Hard to tell, but it was a deer that was right on the trail!

Yes, Ken, we are still climbing.  Come along!

We also were on the Appalachian Trail for about .7 of a mile and that was uphill too and it took us to the Sunfish Pond.  What a beautiful setting and the leaves around the pond had brilliant color.  The pictures you see have not been filtered at all.   We enjoyed some water and snacks while sitting there and then began the hike back to the car.

At this "bend" we started walking the Appalachian Trail!

Just a little info for you!!

A large pond that was so still!

What a variety of vibrate colors!


Obviously the trail back was a lot easier than the hike up the hillside, but both of us were very ready to be done when we got to the car.  We had left at 11 and only returned at 2:45 after hiking about 4 1/2 miles.  We were proud of ourselves!

We decided we should go for pizza to get back all those calories we probably lost on the hike - such logic!  By this time we were both extremely hungry!  We stopped and had pizza at a place near our CG and were able to sit outside in their patio area.  It was great to be able to eat outdoors.

We were back to Wilbur by 4:15 and Ken decided he needed a short nap.  I played on the I-Pad and then we both showered.  We went through the photos Ken took today and I worked on the blog.

We watched the Penn State game and what a game it was!  Needless to say it was a late night for these folks!

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