Tuesday, October 10, 2017

1st Full Day at the Delaware Water Gap!

Ken was up around 5:30 after a good night's sleep.  I arose at 7 in time to see the 7:00 AM news.  Ken did some reading while I got ready for the day.  He cut up fresh fruit and I made us omelets for breakfast.

I did the dishes and did some clean-up and Ken went outside and put out the awning, "decorations" and the tube lighting.  We waited until today because of how wet it was yesterday!  I spent most of that time inside going through a lot of the pictures we had taken this year for calendars I create at Christmas for gifts for friends and family and to pick photos to print to put in frames both at home and in Wilbur!  Hard to imagine how much time you can spend on that project!  I also created some e-cards for upcoming birthdays.  

Before we knew it, the clock showed 12:15 and it was time to eat and then get some exercise.  It was a beautiful, sunny, mild day with the high temperature around 77.  The next 2 days look a little "wet" so we needed to make sure we did some outside activities today!

We left the CG around 1:15 and drove to the Delaware Gap Park Headquarters and got some excellent information from a volunteer plus a map and newspaper about the area with enlarged maps for different sections of the park.

There are so many wonderful hiking trails in
the Delaware Water Gap, many with waterfalls!

We got on the trail right at the Headquarters, the Joseph M. McDade trail, and walked for 1 1/2 hours, a little over 8,000 steps.  That is the most we have walked for a long time and I even wore my SAS.  It was a great hike and felt so good to be out and about!  Here are some photos from our hike -

Looks inviting, doesn't it???

What a peaceful place to sit and relax and just listen to
the sounds of nature!

Don't you just love the reflections in the water????

Great place to kayak!

When we returned around 4, we played 4 rounds of Hand and Foot outside at the picnic table.  Ken grilled salmon, potatoes, and steak while I warmed baked beans and we had the salads we had prepared yesterday.  What a delicious meal.  Ken did some devotions and I worked on this blog.

Later we watched The Voice and I did some painting of frames for my sea glass pictures.  This certainly was a relaxing and fun filled day!  It is so quiet and peaceful in Timothy Lake South CG and the surrounding area.

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