Friday, October 13, 2017

Another Cloudy Day in the Delaware Water Gap!

I only got up around 8:45 after staying up very late for this gal enjoying the win by the Philadelphia Eagles!  Go Eagles!!!!

We had a very relaxing morning enjoying our hot beverages while having a chat about many different topics.  It was such a good time for the 2 of us!  Then a nice surprise - a call from Noela!  Ernie and she left their home in their 5th wheel last weekend to have their Canadian Thanksgiving at the home of their daughter and almost all of their family was there.  Then on to the home of 2 more of their families before leaving on Thursday to head to the US.  They plan to "be on the road" until the beginning of December.  We probably won't see each other until January in Florida when we will spend about 3 months in the same CG.

Ken went outside to drill holes in the apple snail shells we had gotten last year in Florida.  I plan to make a wind chime out of them.  They are rather unique!  

While he was doing that I made a batch of oat bran muffins using Noela's "famous" recipe.  They are extremely healthy and oh so good!

It was another very overcast day and temperatures remained in the low 60's.  It was 54 when we had gotten up.  After cleaning up and having lunch, we decided it was time to get outside and take a hike!

We drove about 15 miles to Dingmans Creek Trail to see Silver Thread and Dingmans Falls.  We had done this trail with Chuck and Melissa 2 years ago and with Fred and Doloris before that, but they are both so beautiful and worth seeing.  We were not disappointed.

Our 1st view when we started on the trail!

The Happy Hikers!

Our 1st view of Silver Thread Falls!

On the boardwalk to Dingman Falls!

It really is a beautiful walk!

Dingman Falls

You can walk up numerous flights of stairs
to the top of Dingman Falls!

The view about 1/2 way to the top of the falls!

This is view of the very top of the falls!

Some ferns along the path!

Our final photo of Silver Thread Falls!

On our way back to the CG we wanted to do a bit more hiking, so we stopped at one of the trailheads for the McDade Trail, a 32 miles bike and hiking trail, and walked another 3,500 steps.  We were disappointed that we didn't see any wildlife except for a chipmunk!

The beginning of our walk om the McDade Trail!

A view of the Delaware River!

We were back to the CG by 5:30 and played 2 more rounds of Hand and Foot to finish our game - Ken won big time!!!!!  So sad!!  We made salads for dinner, cleaned up and then I painted more frames while we watched a movie that we got through Amazon Prime, "Me Before You" - a tear jerker!

We got to bed around 10:15 after another delightful and relaxing day!  Life is Good!

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