Friday, October 20, 2017

More Hiking to See Beautiful Waterfalls!

The temperature was in the upper 40's when we got up this morning so it felt rather chilly!  We decided tostay at the CG until close to lunchtime so it would warm up for hiking.  

We had omelettes and fresh fruit for breakfast and after doing dishes, we finished our game of Hand and Foot.  I was victorious again - YES!!!  We played 3 more rounds and figured we would finish the game later today.  Ken talked to both of our daughters while I finished 3 more sea glass pictures.  

We packed lunches and snacks and left the CG around noon and headed to George Childs Park Trail within the Delaware Water Gap.  It was about a 35 minutes drive from the CG but took a bit longer because of road construction.  Of course we had to make a stop at the nearby Turkey Hill for coffee for Ken and Pumpkin Spice cappuccino me.  I would say I am a bit "hooked" on that drink and it will only be available for a short time so every time we pass the Turkey Hill I think must have one.  I don't even like coffee!!! 

We had never been to this trail on our other trips to this area but were intrigued when it mentioned there were 3 waterfalls along the trail.  After reading that we knew we had to take that hike!  We were not disappointed!  It was such a spectacular trail with lots of wooden stairways, bridges, and of course, the 3 falls.

This was the surface on the 1st part of the trail.  

Fulmer Falls was the 1st one we came to -

The next one was Deer Leap Falls and it was beautiful too -

Don't you just love the bridge in the background??

As we got near the end of the trail we had a great view of Factory Falls -

Time to relax and just enjoy!

Sometimes I just need to pass and admire
God's handiwork!

.....and then the Woolen Mill Ruins -

When we returned to the CRV we got our lunch bag and went to a picnic area near the entrance to the Park and enjoyed our lunch.  We had hiked a couple of miles and loved every "step".

We got back at 4:00, unloaded the car, went through the pictures Ken had taken today, and took a walk around the CG before sitting outside to finish our game of Hand and Foot.  I could hardly believe I won again!  By then it was starting to get dark so Ken grilled chicken and potatoes but we ate inside.

Ken did some reading and checked things on his I-Pad.  I played some games.  After showers we played 1 more round of Hand and Foot before heading to bed to do some reading.

It was another day to celebrate life!!!!

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