Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Fun Weekend!

Saturday morning was beautiful and relatively mild for this time of year - in the upper 60's.  I spent time in the kitchen getting a tossed salad ready to take to card club, so I was chopping a lot of veggies and hard boiling eggs.  After eating breakfast and doing the dishes, Ken and I decided to take a walk so I could wear my SAS.  It was a gorgeous morning for a walk around town.

After lunch I did some crafting and then we showered and got ready to go to Dan and Jackie's to watch the Penn State Game.  It was their turn to host our couples card club.  Dennis and Gail had other plans for his birthday and Gary and Marcia were attending their daughter's soccer game before coming to Hagy's around 5.  We got there at 3:30 in time for the start of the Penn State vs. Ohio Game.  The 1st half was great for Penn State!

At half time, the 6 of us enjoyed a light, but delicious dinner.   Jackie had made barbeque sandwiches and we had tossed salad with all the fixin's, broccoli salad, and pepper cabbage.  We also had a "snack table" for some "munching" during the game.  

What a disappointing 2nd half.  I almost think Penn State forgot to show up!  They really could do much of anything on offense or defense!  Ohio State "woke up" in the 2nd half and Penn State just couldn't get it together.  It was a tough loss!

The 6 of us played Haus with the men vs. the women.  We won the 1st game rather handily and were ahead in the 2nd game when we decided it was time to stop!  We planned to leave when Gary and Marcia left at 9:45, but we got to talking and watching the World Series and only got home at midnight!  What a fun evening!

Sunday was a cloudy damp and windy day with temperatures in the 60's.  It definitely was a dreary one!  Ken and I left at 8 AM to go to Bria and Cali's swim meet in Hershey.  It certainly is warm around an indoor pool in the fall and winter.  Bria and Cali are now swimming for a new club in Lancaster and about 10 other families moved to that group too from the Ephrata area, so the girls are swimming with lots of their friends.  We sat with Jamie and Dane and the other parents who are also close friends of Jamie and Dane and we got to know all of them so much better!  We had a good time and Bria and Cali did amazing!

The Happy Swimmers!

By 1:30 we were back home in time for lunch and the watching of the Eagles game.  I spent the afternoon going through all my finished craft jewelry sets and then making additional pendants and earrings.  I made salads for supper and by 6 we left for our Small Group at Paparo's house near Mt. Gretna.  7 of us were there and Lori led a discussion regarding last week's sermon.  It was a nice evening with special friends and a great support group!

We were home by 9:30 and we started watching the World Series.  What a game!  It was amazing.  Ken went to bed at 10:30 to read and sleep but I got caught up in the game.  I did change channels and watched the last 4 minutes of the Steelers game - go Steelers!  Then back to the World Series and what a hitting fest!  At midnight I decided I had to go to bed.  I really wanted to see the end, but I was just too tired!

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