Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Back Home and Back to "Normal"!

Ken and I were up before 7 and took time to watch the National News!  We decided to cook breakfast and then tried to figure out our schedule for the day!  The refrigerator was rather "bare" as well as the cupboards so a grocery run seemed to be a necessity!  It didn't quite work out that way!

We got a phone call from my good friend, Polly, a fellow Curvette, who invited us to lunch.  When I asked her why, she said, "Just say yes"!  So I did and Ken and I looked forward to having some time with her.  She is such a special friend to both of us!

So, Ken and I decided to go for a long walk around Lititz because it was a gorgeous, sunny morning with the temperature in the 70's - amazing!  What a great walk!

Ken went to Waldo when we returned to try to get the cover plate off the water heater so he could drain it and get ready to winterize!  Unfortunately, the one screw was very rusted and would not budge!!!!  So he sprayed it well with WD-40 and figured he would try again when we got back from lunch.

Jamie had left us a message when we were on our walk and said she was coming to Lititz and would like to stop and visit.  So, she was here from 11 to 12:15 and it was so good to chat and "catch up" on what was happening with her family.  Bria and Cali are doing so well with the new swim team they are involved in and did extremely well playing field hockey.  They have been asked to play on a travel team starting in a week or so.  They keep extremely busy but love being active with sports!

We went to Polly's at 12:30 to all go to lunch at the Cat's Meow Restaurant in Manheim, but 1st we loaded up our 2 folding tables that we store at her house because we have such limited storage at our apartment.  We appreciate her willingness to keep some of our "extra stuff" in her basement!

We had a wonderful meal and time together for over 2 1/2 hours.  Ken and I didn't plan on having dessert, but Polly insisted it wasn't a complete meal without dessert, so how could we disappoint her????  Dessert it was and the coconut cream pie was delicious (Ken and I did share it!).  We were so grateful that Polly would take us to lunch.  It was a special surprise, but that is kind hearted Polly!

We were home around 3:45 and Ken tried again to get the screw off the water heater cover.  No success.  So, he went to a local hardware store and got something they recommended for "loosening" rusted screws.  We can only hope!

Ken left at 6 for his Celebrate Recovery and I spent the evening working on some crafting projects.  I also watched The Voice and some of the World Series!  We were both in bed by 10!

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