Saturday, October 14, 2017

No Sunshine Till after 3:00!

Ken was up around 6:30 and I joined him at 7.  We watched the news and then chatted about today's schedule.  We checked out numerous of the hiking trails in the area and decided to leave around 10 for a 4.6 mile hike.

In the meantime, we cooked breakfast, packed our lunches, and got ready for the day.  It was cloudy, damp, and cool, but it was supposed to get better as the day progressed - not!

Around 10 we had some very light showers so we decided to pick a shorter hike and leave after lunch.  We sat outside at the picnic table and played a complete game of Hand and Foot - I was victorious!  Unfortunately the weather didn't improve, so after lunch we decided it was not a hiking day.  Change of plans - let's drive about 1/2 hour to Wal-Mart for a few groceries that were needed, particularly fruit and veggies and some spray varnish I needed to seal the apple snail shells that Ken had drilled holes in and the slate sign I had painted to hang outside when we are camping!

We headed out around 2 and saw 3 white tailed deer when we were leaving the CG. 

Only 1 of them was willing to let Ken take a photo!  Her
ears look like they are striped!

When we returned  I went outside to spray the sign and shells and neighboring campers came to see what I was doing.  We spent about 45 minutes chatting with them and touring each others motorhomes.  Then Ken loaded our bikes for a bike trip we hope to take tomorrow!

I did a little painting of the holder I will use to hang the shells and then strung them.  I also had a nice chat with our daughter, Lanie!  She is president of their elementary school PTO and boy it certainly keeps her busy.  It's a shame it isn't a paid position!!!

Ken grilled chicken to eat with our salads and baked beans and after cleaning up it was shower time.  We spent the evening relaxing and watching college football!

Tomorrow we are heading to Jim Thorpe, about a 1 1/4 hour drive to ride bike and meet out friends, Dan and Jackie, who are taking a fall foliage train ride to the area.  We plan to have lunch with them and Judy and Frank, a couple we met through Dan and Jackie.  Hopefully the weather will be cooperative.  It is supposed to be an unseasonably warm day and we would appreciate some sunshine.  It has been rather sparse this week!

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