Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Cloudy, Cooler Day!

Ken was up at 5:30 but I stayed in bed till about 8 after a rather restless night!  I wonder if I get a bit sluggish because I sleep too much - interesting thought!

After another omelette and fresh fruit breakfast, we went through the pictures we had taken yesterday and I downloaded them onto the computer.  Then it was time to "catch up" our blog.  I had a nice long chat with my sister who is camping on Jekyll Island for the month of October.  It is extremely hot and humid there and rather "buggy", very different from the Delaware Water Gap, where it is cool!

It was cool and windy this morning and looked very threatening!  We decided we would hang around the CG and see if it improved later today.  

Ken and I decided to go through all the information we had picked up when at the Hershey RV Show that we had brought with us in a large shopping bag.  It took a little time, but we sorted through it and kept only the necessary "stuff"!  Time flew and we realized it was lunchtime!

Ken decided to do some reading and then take a nap.  He is still having some trouble with congestion and a scratchy throat.  I decided to do some sea glass pictures and completed about 4 of them.  The sun came out and we decided to go for a walk around the CG, the 1st time we were outside today - really?????  It was in the low 60's and so pleasant to walk.  We saw 4 white tailed deer running on the edge of the CG.  We got in our 5,000 steps and then sat outside and played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot with Ken very much in the lead (a game consists of 4 rounds, so I still have a chance to win!).  

After dinner I painted frames for my sea glass pictures while Ken did some reading.  I watched Grey's Anatomy and had a nice phone conversation with my mother.  Then Ken and I watched the Eagles football game.

We realized when we went for a hike yesterday that we left our hiking poles at home.  For some of these hikes I should really have a set, so Ken went on Amazon and ordered a set for me.  We found a pair for under $21.00 that had lots of great reviews.  Both of us thought we had our poles in Wilbur, but I guess we took them out when we went to Florida last winter and we haven't needed them since.  Spares ones probably are a good idea!

They are predicting another overcast day tomorrow but we are hoping to take a hike somewhere in the Delaware Water Gap.  It has been a relaxing day!  

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