Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday - Back Home!

Tuesday morning we were all up and about before 6 AM - really????  Most of our weather while we were there was the same each day and night - temperatures in the upper 40's at night and then sunny and beautiful and about a high of 70 during the day.  It was gorgeous!

We sat around enjoying our coffee (chai) and did some packing and organizing for heading home before another delicious breakfast.  Both mornings we enjoyed an egg casserole with plenty of delicious fresh fruit and of course, some pastries.  Then it was time to do some vacuuming, clean-up the kitchen and load up the cars for our return trip.  

We worked well together and Polly and I were on our way home by 9.  The other gals probably left about 10.  We stopped at a gift shop during our drive and for gas, arriving back in Lititz around 12:30.  Ken greeted me when I got out of the car.  

Hey, Ernie and Noela, I thought Tim Hortons was a Canadian
Specialty!  Surprise, we stopped at one today!

We sat  in the LR to do some chatting about our time while we were apart and then called Jamie and Lanie to schedule a time to visit their families in the next few days.  We will spent time with them over the weekend.  I also talked to Joyce and Rick, our small group friends who recently moved to Florida and are visiting here for the next several weeks - they will be attending a wedding of a family member.  We will spend time together tomorrow night.

Ken and I had lunch and then went for our walk around Lititz.  Ken left to get a new battery for the CRV while I worked on the blog and did a load of wash.  When Ken returned we made salads for dinner.

I watched The Voice and Ken spent the evening sitting on his lounge chair.  He started having "shooting" back pain that was extremely uncomfortable.  He really had trouble walking and straightening.  Not sure what is going on!

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