Friday, October 27, 2017

Thursday and Friday In and Around Home!

Thursday, Ken was up early and left at 7:45 to have breakfast with his friend, Gary!  I had gotten up at 6:30, showered, and then headed to the kitchen where I spent the morning!  I made some of Noela's delicious oat bran muffins, cut-up lettuce, and then washed and cut-up fruit.  It took me most of the morning to get everything accomplished!

After lunch, we drove to Masonic Village to spend the afternoon playing Pinochle with my parents.  We hadn't been with them the last 2 weeks because of being at the Delaware Water Gap, so we were excited to all get together!  It was a fun afternoon with the men winning 2 games and the women 1 1/2 (we didn't get to finish the last game but we were winning)!  

We were back home around 5:30 and we made salads for dinner and Ken grilled.  A neighbor helped Ken try to remove the rusty screw from the door to the water heater on Wilbur and after lots of trying, they finally got it removed - Hallelujah!  Now we can do the winterizing!   I spent most of the evening working on crafts and Ken did some reading.  We were in bed around 10.  So far this has been a rather busy week!

Today, Friday, we were both up by 5:40 and out the door by 6:30.  Ken took me to Planet Fitness to get a ride with my friend, Marcia.  I drove with Marcia to Park Place Diner to meet all the Curvettes for breakfast.  It was Becky's birthday, so we had a little celebration.  Ken had a breakfast meeting with his mentor for Celebrate Recovery at 8.  We both had a very good time!

I was back home by 9 and spent most of my time on the phone.  I got a surprise call from one of our special camping couples, Chuck and Melissa.  It was so good to talk with her.  We haven't been together for almost a year and we are excited to see each other!  We had a very nice chat and we are planning to spend 3 or 4 days with them the week after Thanksgiving while Wilbur is at Lazydays.  We are anxious to see their home in The Villages!  I also talked to my good friend, Jackie, regarding our couples card club tomorrow night.  We will actually get together to watch the Penn State football game and then play cards in the evening.  It will be fun and exciting!

After breakfast, Ken went to visit Chris Decker, a fellow high school graduate,who fell down the stairs over a year ago and is paralyzed from his waist down.  He and his wife are going through such a tough time.  

When Ken returned, we went for a long walk, but it was not a comfortable walk for me.  My leg and back were really out of sorts!  When we returned, we ate lunch and then spent time winterizing Wilbur.  Ken knew what to do and did a great job.  It went really well and we accomplished it rather quickly.  

Then it was time to take Wilbur to his storage area, but not until we filled his gas tank and the propane.  A quick stop at a local roadside market and we were back home by 4:15.  Both of us were very tired after a rather short, restless night, so we took a short nap!

Ken grilled for dinner and then did some reading while I did a load of wash and worked on this blog.  Now it is time to watch some of the World Series (I doubt if we will be awake til the end of the game!  It is just too late for these older folks!!)

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