Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Hiking Afternoon in the Delaware Water Gap!

As per usual, Ken was up before me but I did arise by 7:30.  It was in the low 40's, so we decided to wait until after lunch to leave the CG and go hiking.  

We chose to have an easy breakfast of cereal and fresh fruit.  Ken did some reading while I finished yesterday's blog.  Then he worked on the computer while I had a nice conversation with my sister, Cindy.  They are having a fun time with about 5 other couples on Jekyll Island, GA for the month of October.  It was good to talk with her and "catch up".  I also left a message for Jamie.  We have been playing phone tag so I am hoping to talk to her later today or tomorrow.

I spent time getting sea glass pieces together for 3 more pictures which I hope to complete later today or tomorrow morning.  We got dressed right before lunch (it was a very leisure and relaxing morning!), packed some snacks and water for our hike, ate lunch, and cleaned up.  

We were on our way to the trails at Cliff Park, PA by 1:15 which included a very short hike to Raymondskill Falls.  This is the 3rd time we have gone there but it is so worth it.  The falls are beautiful.  The park has done a lot of work with walkways, fencing, and decking since we were here 2 years ago.  We with a very personable young ranger who talked about the work they have been doing in this area and then confirmed that the hike we planned to do was a good choice.  He was so interesting to talk to!

There are 3 different viewing areas for the
falls and this is from the middle one!

Looking at the lower section of the falls!

We are certainly enjoying our time here at
the Delaware Water Gap.  So many scenic hikes!

By this time, it was a positively beautiful day with full sun and temperatures in the low 70's, perfect for hiking!  Hard to imagine that it was past mid October!

We took the Hacker's Trail back to Hacker's Falls - another wonderful surprise!  It was so nice.  Do you get the idea that Ken and I really enjoy seeing waterfalls????  No doubt about it!!!  

Rather inviting, huh???

Approaching Hacker Falls

We were the only people at the falls and enjoyed
the peace and quiet!

We did a loop trail by combining 3 different trails - 

We could not decide why there were "tracks" in the field

A nice view of the Delaware River!

and within a 1/2 mile of the car we came upon 3 Overlooks that offered great views of the Delaware Water Gap -

What a view!

From the tristate overlook you are able to see 3 states -
PA, NJ, and NY.  I'm not sure where they are but they are
there somewhere!!!
This picture is rather fascinating with all the different
"levels"!  It almost looks like we would have put several
pictures together!
  We got back to the car around 4:30 after hiking about 4 1/2 or 5 miles.  I was glad Ken had ordered poles for me that had arrived on Sunday.  They are a great help when on these up and down trails.

We drove through Milford, PA and then headed back to the CG arriving around 5:45. We did see 3 deer on the way back but only 1 wanted his picture taken!

We started a new game of Hand and Foot and Ken was ahead by 1,500 pts.  We had salads and leftover meat for dinner and after doing the dishes we played the 2 rounds of Hand and Foot to complete the game and I was finally victorious - Surprise!!!

We looked at the photos Ken had taken today to save only the best ones and then I worked on this blog.  Nothing worthwhile to watch on TV so we were in bed by 9:30.

I am so thankful that hiking is going so well for me.  I expected it to be more of a challenge with my scoliosis, but so far so good!  I did actually forget to take my scoliosis activity suit with me today and I realize it does help when hiking.  Being forgetful seems to go along with aging!  Really?????

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