Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Busy Day at Circle M

Ken had a rather restless night, probably because of some snoring and maybe even "snorting" from his bed companion!  Bria and Cali had a good night's sleep and came to our bed around 7.  Thus the day began!

They wanted to watch Grease Live while eating some cold cereal.  They asked to have pancakes a little later.  So Ken and I got ready and had our flax pancakes while we watched the movie too.  After they ate their pancakes and we were cleaned up, we went to play miniature golf.   All four of us enjoy playing that course.  Bria and Cali did even better today and Grandma got beaten by PaPa. Actually, the girls did better on the back 9 holes than I did - what is that about????

We did go to the Arcade to play a few games and then they used some of their money to get some candy in the camp store.  Back to Waldo to play 2 games of Team Skip-Bo.  The girls do so well and we have a lot of fun.  Then we went on a wagon ride around the campground. 

A fun wagon ride around the campground!

The property here at Circle M is beautiful, but the actual
CG could use some work!

Back to Waldo to have lunch.  We tried to eat outside but it was so windy our food wouldn't stay on the table.  The wind gusts were over 25 mph and it was really windy most of the day.  At 3 we headed to the pool and Bria and Cali had such a good time playing together.  PaPa joined them for about 1/2 hour and I enjoyed watching!

I think Cali is yelling for joy!  Actually they were having a
great time!

These 2 gals play so well together.

They kept switching as to who would
be on the bottom.

We were back to Waldo by 5:30 but it was a tough walk back.  Both girls had blister like sores on the bottom of their big toes, Bria on 1 and Cali on both. There was quite a bit of drama on that walk and Ken had gone back before us to shower, so he missed most of it!  Not sure what caused the problem, but the "boo boos" were better rather quickly after bandaids were applied.

We had planned to take the girls somewhere for ice cream tonight (the CG store had closed at 1 on this particular Sunday, rather ridiculous), but because of the injuries, Bria and Ken drove to get a container of ice cream for later while  Cali and I showered.  Bria got hers when they returned with the ice cream.  

Before dinner we played Life with the girls.  It is a long but fun game, so we only started dinner around 7:15.  We planned to have a campfire for making hot dogs and s'mores, but the high winds didn't allow for that.  PaPa grilled the hot dogs instead and then we had black raspberry ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, our own version of a sundae.  Following dinner, we played a game of Skip-Bo and then Apples to Apples.  It was a fun evening.

The game of Life takes a long time but there are some
life lessons  on the way around the board!

We all were in bed by 10:15 and when we removed the bandaids, their toes looked a lot better.

Tomorrow Samantha and Katelyn arrive and Ken and I will take all 4 granddaughters to the water park at Jellystone CG about 35 minutes from here. It should be another busy, fun day!

We have a great site here at Circle M!

Lots of shade and level!

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