Friday, June 17, 2016

Drive to Fortescue!

What a wonderful, leisure, and relaxing morning!  Ken was up around 7 and I didn't get up until 8:15.  Felt great! 

After a shower and a delicious breakfast, we went outside to drink our tea and chia.  we had some showers during the night but by 10:00 the sun was shining.  It got to about 78 degrees and was a gorgeous day.

We went over to Martins at 11 and had a nice time chatting and enjoying the great outdoors.  Then we all got ready to go to Fortescue, a destination Doloris had been told has a lot of sea glass on their small beach.

We were on our way by 12:30, arriving there at 1:15.  It really is a small fishing village with a limited beach area.  We parked near the end of the beach and Ken started talking to some "natives".  They said we should go to another section of the beach if we wanted to have more success finding sea glass.  So off we went!

The main street of Fortescue! 

Bingo!  It was a great place to find lots of aged sea glass. It seemed like every couple of steps I would find another piece - what fun!  Fortescue is a small fishing town with a population of about 400 people on the Delaware Bay.  The area was once the center of the nation's glass industry.  Also calls itself the Weak Fish capital of the world (sea trout).

The gentleman told us it was our lucky day.  Normally this
\town has "tons" of green headed horse flies that bite and black
boxes like this one are baited to help keep them somewhat
under control.

This is the area where we found most of the sea glass! 

I am on the "hunt"!

Fred and Doloris are checking out their treasures!

Before we knew what happened, it was 4:45 and we decided it was time to get back to Avalon.  We made one stop at a WaWa arriving at the CG around 6.  

Doloris and Fred decided to go to Mike's Seafood for their Lobster Special this evening, but Ken and I are going to cook and stay at Waldo.  We both showered and then made salads with leftover meat from last evening for dinner.   

I did have a nice talk with Jamie as she is trying to determine which surgical option she should decide to do.  She is feeling rather confused and just not sure what to do.  She is doing the right thing by reading and talking to friends who have had to make the same decisions.  I know she will figure it out soon and it will be the right choice!

These are all the pieces of sea glass that Ken and I found today!  Amazing!!!

Thanks, Doloris for suggesting we go to this special place.  We loved it!

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