Monday, June 13, 2016

A Fun Day at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park near Quarryville!

Ken and I had a great night's sleep and Bria and Cali only came to our room around 7:30.  They slept well too!

We worked together on making breakfast for ourselves and the girls.  Ken ate first and left at 8:30 to meet Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn at Park City, about 20 minutes from the CG.  I ate with Bria and Cali and then they played games on PaPa's I-Pad while I cleaned up.  

The four cousins were so excited to see each other when PaPa returned.  They played outside for just a little because it was a bit chilly and then Bria and Cali showed Samantha and Katelyn how to play the new game, hospital, that PaPa had put on his I-Pad.  

I took the gals up to the Arcade so they could spend the money we had given them and the PaPa met us there to drive to Jellystone Park, only 30 minutes from Circle M, to spend the day.

Wow, what a nice place!  It was not inexpensive to get all of us admission for the day ($150.00), but it was worth it to see the smiles and the fun the girls had while we were there.  The loved the large waterpark

The waterpark was amazing!

Samantha and Cali enjoying the large slides!

Bria and Katelyn

Cali and Bria

Lots of water everywhere!

You better run fast before the water tower shoots lots of water!

Sisterly Love!

Here comes the water!

Cousin Fun!

Lots of water falls from the water tower!

They loved trying to get on and stay on the floating log!

With PaPa's help they did it!!!!

I love to see the cousins having a good time!

 and we also enjoyed lots of other activities - 

The Bounce area -

Wow, Bria jumped very high!

PaPa does a great job catching the "girls in flight"!

Bria doing a flip!

the pedal carts -

Katelyn went off the track one time (steering wasn't her
strong point) but upon stopping she smiled and said,
"I'm fine"!

Even PaPa got in on the fun!

the playground -

Face Painting (or Arm Painting for Katelyn) -

They were happy to find Yogi Bear!

....and Cali liked having him on her cheek!

Bria did a flower and a sunset!

Samantha wanted Yogi Bear too!

PaPa and I each got a Peace Symbol!

Cali wanted peace signs too!

Katelyn chose to have her arms painted - a heart, a flower
and a beautiful rainbow!

Story Time with Cindy Bear -

Bria and PaPa played mini golf while we all went to Story Time.
After the story, they joined PaPa and Bria for golf!
and a Hay Ride around the Campground -

PaPa and I saw Jane Good there, a friend in our small group at church and a fellow camper.  She was there for the day with her granddaughter.  We were there from 11:30 to 5 and really had a blast!

We were going to take the girls out for dinner but Bria and Cali really wanted to go back to Waldo so PaPa could build a campfire and everyone could have hot dogs and s'mores.  It had been too windy the last two days to have a campfire and they were feeling "cheated" that Samantha and Katelyn would have that opportunity.  So we had a rather hectic hour of building a fire, cooking dinner, and having Bria and Cali at Park City by 7:00 to meet Jamie.  But, it all worked out.

I cleaned up while the girls watched a Princess movie until Ken returned.  Samantha and Katelyn were very tired, so by 8:15 lights were out and they were off to dreamland. Ken and I were tired too, so by 9:45 all of us were asleep.

Today was a very successful day that we hope created memories for our granddaughters!

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  1. What a great idea! Can't till Olivia is a good age to do stuff like that!