Sunday, June 26, 2016

Martins Leave and Ken and I go to Fortescue Again and then to Ocean City NJ

We were up early so we could say good-bye to Fred and Doloris before driving to Fortescue to search for more sea glass - we are definitely addicted!  

At 6:45 we thanked Martins for a great time of camping together and then we headed to Fortescue.  We were there from 8 to 11 and although there was less sea glass than previous trips, we did great.  Also, the flies were worse, but still didn't do a lot of biting.  They did swarm the car when we were leaving.  It was another gorgeous mild, sunny morning on the beach with low humidity.  It did get to 83 degrees later in the day.

On the way to and from the CG I talked to my mother and sister.  My father continues to have an issue with a sore on his leg that doesn't want to heal.  Dr.'s at the home did another culture and discovered there is a new bacteria present, so a different antibiotic is needed again.  We are praying that this one helps!

I also talked to Doloris who has called to find out about our sea glass hunt this morning.  They were back home and busy unloading and putting things in their proper place.  Also chatted with Jamie, Bria and Cali.  

When we got back to the CG we stopped to play another 3 rounds (27 holes) of miniature golf.  We have such a competition going on.  Again, I was victorious, but Ken did is very best!  After eating lunch, the prep work for leaving tomorrow began again.  Ken did lots of things outside while I cleaned and sorted our new sea glass findings and then put things away inside Waldo!

After showering, we left the CG around 4:00 to go to Ocean City, NJ the place where Ken's family used to go for mini family vacations.  We went to attend a service at the Tabernacle, also a place his family went to when in Ocean City. Brought back lots of memories for Ken.  We got there early so we could stroll the boardwalk and eat some of the special foods we deprive ourselves of most of the time.  We shared a coconut macaroon (so delicious), each had a piece of boardwalk pizza, and then shared a small cup (but it was a lot) of caramel popcorn (it was still warm!).  We enjoyed every little bite of all these treats and our time walking the boards!  It was a full place!!!

The farther we walked down the boardwalk, the fuller it was!

From the end of the boardwalk we had a view of Atlantic City!

Can you imagine eating one of these huge pizzas in 10 minutes??
I guess hardly anyone can even do it in an hour!

I was going to buy this shirt and
wear it when I saw my sister and mother,
 because I always sign all the cards I send
 to my mother, "from you favorite daughter".
Ken sent Cindy a picture of it but she
said she already has one!!!!

By 6:30 we were in the Tabernacle waiting to hear Tony Compolo, a dynamic speaker (minister), and professor at Eastern College in PA that we had heard years ago.  He is a great story teller with a keen sense of humor, but with such a strong messenger for God.  With him was Mark Lowry, another tremendous story teller but his greatest gift is his singing. For those of you who know the song, "Mary, Did You Know?", he wrote the words and a friend composed the music for the song.  He sang about 6 songs throughout the evening and with both of their story telling, it was a wonderful and inspiring place to be!

It was an amazing evening and they "fed" off of each other
so well.  Tony is 81 years old and so vibrant!

We were back to the CG by 9:00, loaded somethings in the CRV and vacuumed. It seems like there was sand everywhere!

It was another exceptional day and we were very tired!  Can't believe our 10 days at Sea Pines is ending.  It went so quickly and we loved every minute!

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