Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beautiful Day in Avalon!

After a great night's sleep, doing devotions, and getting ready for the day, Ken and I worked together making those delicious flax pancakes and packing our lunches.

Ken put our bikes back on the car rack and rinsed all of the sea glass we had found yesterday.  We talked with Martins and by 10:30 all of us were on our way to the beach in Avalon.  1st stop was to buy the needed beach tags, but it was only $12.00 each for a week.

We usually come to Avalon in September so we were surprised by the number of people on the beach but thought there might even be more considering it was a weekend.  It was a perfect weather day for the beach with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70's. 

Lots of people enjoying the beach today!

Not quite as crowded where we decided to "park"!

Ken and I took a long walk on the beach (10,000 steps) and actually walked together.  Usually we are busy looking for shell pieces and sea glass, but because of all the glass we found yesterday and all the shell pieces we got in Florida and the Outer Banks, we decided to just enjoy the walk.  It was relaxing and we actually walked together!

The boats the lifeguards use if rescuing swimmers!

They added a whole new section to the pier since last year!

Back to our chairs to have some lunch, read, and for some, a nap.  We left the beach around 4:15 after a very relaxing and fun day.  We had planned to take a bike ride, but it never happened - too nice on the beach.

After showers, we sat outside with Martins around the campfire that Fred had started.  By 6:40 the 4 of us had dinner together at their campsite and after cleaning up, we made some delicious s'mores using the new Campfire marshmallows I had bought that are square!  Dah!!!!  How comes no one thought to make them that shape sooner!  Perfect for the graham cracker!

The 4 of us played Skip-Bo (M - women seem to never win that game!) and Haus which the men won too, but only squeaking by at the end!  Martins headed back to their RV around 10:15 after another fun day and then it was off to "dreamland"!

I did talk to Cindy today and she is now off her scooter and will be using a walker for the next 2 weeks.  She is able to put about 50% of her weight on her foot that was operated on and she could get in the shower - yeah!  She will start physical therapy in about 2 weeks.  Hallelujah!!!

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