Saturday, June 25, 2016

Time at the Campground and then at the Beach!

After arising, Ken and I cooked breakfast and then he began doing some work outside in preparation for our departure on Monday.  He likes to get a head start!  He knew we wouldn't be grilling anymore, so he cleaned it and put it away.  Then he cleaned our bikes.

I spent most of the morning talking to my mother and then chatting with my sister.  Ken and I ate a light lunch and left at 12:30 for Avalon Beach.  It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze off the ocean which made for a perfect beach day.  The waves were extremely rough even though there was very little wind.  Fred and Doloris joined us around 1:30.  Ken and I read, walked the short boardwalk and along the beach.

Back to the CG around 4:30 and showers felt delightful.  We made salads for dinner with grilled peppers and onions and leftover meat - delicious.  The 4 of us ate together at their picnic table.  They had cooked their salmon and potatoes over a campfire.  They left to get ice cream at the Trolley Shop.

Eddie and Lori came to our campsite at 7:30 and we made s'mores over Martin's campfire - delicious.  Then we went inside Waldo and talked together until Martins got back around 8:45.  We played 6 handed Haus and the  Women won handily!  It was a lot of fun!  They all left around 10:15 after a great evening!

I can't believe we didn't take any photos of our s'more making or of the 6 of us playing cards.  So sorry, Eddie and Lori!  We will do better next time.

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