Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arrived at Sea Pines CG near Avalon, NJ

Ken was up at 4 but did fall back to sleep for about 45 minutes before we both were up at 6 to get ready to leave for our trip to Sea Pines!  We loaded the frozen food and last minute electronics and were on our way by 7.  We did stop close to our apartment to hook-up the CRV, but by 7:15 we were leaving Lititz. It was a dreary morning with some very light rain.

Traffic was light and we really enjoyed our drive through the beautiful Lancaster County countryside.  We arrived at Perkins by 8:20, earlier than we expected. We got a call from Doloris that they were running late, so we went into the restaurant to have some tea while waiting for them to arrive.

We really enjoy the great breakfasts that are served at Perkins and find their pancakes to be some of the best and lightest we find anywhere.  We shared the Tremendous 12 special and had plenty to eat.

We arrived at Sea Pines around noon but it took us about a 1/2 hour of driving around the CG in our CRV to find 2 sites together that were good for both of us and we don't even have sewer hook-ups.  The CG was fairly full for a Thursday and for this early part of the season.

Set-up took longer than usual for our site was sloped and we needed to get the tires on several pieces of wood to get level and by then it was raining fairly steadily.  Only had lunch around 2 after we were all set-up.  By then Ken and I were tired so we decided to nap (Ken) and rest (me).  When up, we decided to take a walk around the CG (it had stopped raining) and we were able to get our 10,000 steps.

We made salads and Ken grilled a piece of salmon and a pork chop.  After cleaning up, we went over to Martin's RV and played Skip-Bo (men won) and then a game of Haus (women won).  We all went to bed with Winners!

So good to be camping with Fred and Doloris again.  That hasn't happened since last September when the 4 of us were here along with Chuck and Melissa. Where are you, Chuck and Melissa????   We miss you!

Looking forward to a wonderful and relaxing 10 days!

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  1. Have fun! Tell Fred and Dolores we said hello. We are on our way to thousand trails Lynchburg, then off to Asheville!