Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Trip to Fortescue!

Friday, Ken was up around 5:30 and I woke to the 6:15 alarm.  It was thundering and just starting to rain.  We got ready and ate a light breakfast and by 7:15 the 4 of us were on our way to Fortesque (again) in our CRV.  It appeared that it wasn't raining there!  Actually the weather was supposed to be gorgeous here today with no rain and mild temperatures - NOT!

We stopped at WaWa for coffee and hot chocolate and arrived at Fortescue Beach around 8:15 to no rain!  It was very nice there.  So, the hunt for sea glass began.  Today the flies were annoying at times, but fortunately they didn't do much biting!!!  We "combed" the beach until noon and my back warned me that if I didn't stop bending over I would permanently be in that position.  As soon as we got in the car it started to pour - Crazy!!!  Fred was the winner today for the best pieces of sea glass.  He found some very unusual colors and BIG pieces.  Impressive!

Another stop at WaWa on the way back for drinks and due to heavy, slow traffic we only got to the CG at 1:30.  Ken and I showered and then ate some peanuts to hold us till 4:30 when the 4 of us went to Mike's Seafood for the Lobster special.   Ken cleaned the sea glass while I worked on our blog.

This is the sea glass that Ken and I found today and we threw away
the ones that were not etched enough!  Wow!

The 4 of us arrived at Mike's Seafood in Sea Isle City around 5, a very good time because we didn't have to wait to be seated.  It was still raining, but not quite as heavily.  The 3 of them thoroughly enjoyed their great lobster dinner complete with bread, a ear of corn, small roasted potatoes and cole slaw. - $15.99.  What a deal!!

Looks good enough to eat if you are a seafood lover!!!

Since seafood isn't on my "radar", I enjoyed my hot dog and french fries since that it something I rarely eat and it was only $4.00.  I guess I'm a cheap date!

Back to the CG to play Skip-Bo which the men won again (I don't think we have won that game all week) and Haus which the women won.  In Waldo by 9:15 to sort our sea glass findings from today!

It was another great day in Jersey!!!!

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