Saturday, June 11, 2016

On to Circle M Campgound

After cooking breakfast, it was time to load the refrigerator and freezer in Waldo and any other last minute things.  We drove to the Saturday's Farmer Market for another loaf of that delicious bread and then for gas and yes, a few more groceries.  You would think I would have had everything I needed by now, but NO!

I drove the CRV and Ken followed in Waldo for the 40 minute drive to Circle M, arriving there around 11. Wow, the CG was really full but the only site we really found that was available was perfect - lots of shade and level!  BINGO!

By 12:15 we were set-up and ready to have lunch.  It was a gorgeous day and we were able to eat on the picnic table.  It actually got close to 90 degrees to day.  Jamie called at 1 and we decided to meet at Park City to pick up Bria and Cali for our camping adventure.  The girls had a swim meet this morning and both of them did extremely well.  Cali actually set 2 new records and Bria improved her times in all of her events.

We picked them up at 2 and drove back to the CG.  After playing the child version of Apples to Apples and having some snacks, we went to the miniature golf course to play the 18 holes.  It is a great course under a pavilion and the girls did very well.  Grandma was the winner beating PaPa by about 8 strokes!

It really is a nicely maintained golf course.

Both girls did well when they took their time and listened to
some instruction from Grandma!

Then it was back to Waldo to play some Crazy 8's, Go Fish, and painting time for the girls.  After dinner Bria helped me wash dishes and then we played Monkey in the Middle and Spud before walking to the camp store for ice cream.  The girls also had a good time on the playground.  

The girls really like to be creative!

We have a "lefty" here!

Not a bad way to enjoy the evening!  It was 7:00 and still in the

I think Cali likes her Black Cherry ice cream!

Bria is a mint chocolate chip fan!

Sisterly love!

Cali helped PaPa and I put the lights around Waldo and then the 4 of us watched Mamma Mia.  It was a fun evening, but probably a late night for the girls.  The movie wasn't over until 10:30 and then it was quickly "lights out".

A comfy setting to watch Mamma Mia!

Grandma relaxed and enjoyed the movie too!  PaPa, the
photographer, watched the movie also!

Bria and Cali know all the words to the songs!

Ken did some reading in bed while I worked on the blog, wrote in my diary, and tried to "catch up" on my devotions from yesterday and today.  Some how I managed to fall behind! 

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