Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Back Home After Fun Camping Adventure with Our 4 Granddaughters!

All of us had a good night's sleep in Waldo.  Samantha and Katelyn were awake by 6:30, but we went out to them at 7 and they were coloring and chatting. Wow!!

They played on PaPa's I-Pad while we got ready, packed up some things for heading home today, and made a pancake breakfast for the girls.  We continued getting ready to leave the campground and the girls were big helpers.

By 9:30 we were packed and ready to "roll" so the 4 of us walked to the Arcade to play some games and some mini golf.  Unfortunately the golf wasn't open till 10, so Samantha and Katelyn spent time on the playground, played a few games in the Arcade and we were leaving the Campground by 10:15 with PaPa driving Waldo and the 3 of us following him in the car.  We did stop at Sheetz to fill up Waldo for our next camping adventure which starts early tomorrow morning.  

We were back to our apartment by 11 and unloaded a few things that we would need today and tomorrow morning.  I started doing laundry while the girls played.  Lanie, Jamie, Bria and Cali got here at noon.  Jamie had a Dr. appt. here in Lititz at 12:15, so she left Bria and Cali with us and the 7 of us walked downtown to have lunch at the Pizza Shop.  From there we went to Wilbur Chocolate for some dessert (those famous Wilbur Buds) and then on to Lititz Springs Park to feed the ducks and spent time on the playground.  Jamie called around 1:30 to let us know she was back at the apartment, so we left the park and walked back home.

Bria and Cali feeding the baby ducks
at Lititz Springs Park.  Grandma
loves to watch!

So cute to see the cousins walking
hand in hand back to the apartment.

They like chatting too!  Grandma
and mommy had time to talk too!

PaPa is certainly there special friend!!

The 4 girls were having lots of fun playing with the Barbie Mega Block buildings (like Legos") that Grandma and PaPa have, so Jamie and Lanie stayed until 3:15.  Ken had left for a 3:15 appointment for the CRV in Lancaster for an oil change.  I enjoyed having time to chat and spend some time with our daughters.

After they left, I finished my 2 loads of wash and loaded more food, clothing, and all the clean wash into Waldo.  We are leaving early tomorrow morning for 10 days of camping with Fred and Doloris at the beach in Avalon, NJ.  We will be meeting about 1 1/4 hours into the trip at Perkins for breakfast, so we will get an early start.  It will be a relaxing and fun trip.

Ken was back around 5 after going to Costco for a few items.  I headed to Ephrata and stopped at Reiff's and Wal-Mart for even more groceries.  We must be eating way too much food.  It seems like we are always shopping for groceries!!!!

After I got back we went over to Polly's to pick up our bikes for our camping trip and had a nice time chatting with her.  A few more items to put in Waldo and then we locked him up for the night.  Talked to Doloris and we will be heading out at 7 tomorrow and meeting them at Perkins at 8:30.  Let the fun begin!!!!!!

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