Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Day "On the Run"!

Ken was up before me, but we both had a good night's sleep and it was needed! After breakfast we went to Wal-Mart and Costco for needed groceries.  We are taking our 4 granddaughters to an animal park with a safari ride about an hour from our house tomorrow and packing a picnic lunch for all of us.  So PaPa and Grandma needed to buy some special treats!  We arrived back home at 11:30. Ken, being the special guy he is, removed the meat from the rotissiere chicken we had purchased at Costco.  

We had made plans to visit my parents this afternoon and because the storage area for Waldo was on the way, we decided it was a good opportunity to take him there.  Unfortunately when we got there, a truck and ladder where in our spot!  Now what?  After several tries, the owner of the storage area answered his phone and said we should just move the truck (the keys were in it). So, we were there a lot longer than anticipated.  

We had planned to be at Mom and Dad's by 1:00 but only arrived at 1:30.  We spent the afternoon playing 4 games of Pinochle and it was amazing, but the men won 3 of the games!  Not sure what happened!!!  While there we had a strong thunderstorm with plenty of rain and strong winds.  Some places in the area also had large hail.  There was a beautiful rainbow when we left Masonic Homes!

We were home by 5:45 and after watching the World News and eating our delicious salads, Ken went for a walk.  The sun had come out but when he returned it was cloudy again and there was some thunder in the area.  We watched some TV, including America's Got Talent and I worked on our blog!

Looking forward to a fun day with the girls tomorrow.  Because of today's weather, Bria and Cali's swim meet that was supposed to be tonight was postponed until tomorrow night.  We had planned to go out to dinner with them after our adventure, but they will need to be home by 4:15.  Ken and I will go to their swim meet and Lanie will pick up Samantha and Katelyn there.  

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