Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Day at the Campground!

Ken was up by 6 but I only rolled out of bed around 7:45.  They were predicting thunderstorms for today starting around 9, so we decided to just get dressed and take a walk around the CG.  We walked about 4,500 steps before it started to "drip".

After returning to Waldo, we got ready and made some flax pancakes with lots of fresh fruit and of course, whipped cream for this gal!  After doing the dishes, Ken decided to start working on the itinerary for our trip out west starting in September.  It is fun to plan a trip but it can also be a bit frustrating.  He did call Melissa to ask some questions from their trip in that area regarding roads traveled, temperatures, and campgrounds.  As always, she was extremely helpful!  We did some talking about the adventure and then I started cleaning Waldo, a needed task, but definitely not a favorite of mine.  Thank goodness it doesn't take much time!

After lunch, we did some additional work on the trip and then Ken headed to an auto parts store to get two new radio antennas for Waldo - somewhere they had snapped when traveling.  I stayed back to vacuum and work on the pages for the girls camping scrapbooks.  Fred and Doloris had left after lunch to check out a brewery in the area.

The weather today was much better than predicted.  We had just a brief shower mid morning and from then on partial sunshine and mild temperatures.  It really was a pleasant day except for some pesty bugs.

Unfortunately the part Ken bought at the auto store did not work, so the 2 antennas need to be returned.  We walked up to the CG mini golf course, one of my favorite ones and played the 9 hole course 3 times.  It is a challenging, but when you play the holes numerous times, you get pretty good at reading what needs to be done.  I beat Ken every round and actually had 16 on the 1 round - all 2's and then two hole in one!  I was feeling proud of myself!!!!  Of course Ken said it was just my lucky day!!!!!

We had an absolutely delicious dinner.  Ken grilled himself a piece of wild salmon ad a filet mignon from Costco for me, plus grilled potatoes and asparagus.  Ken opted for a salad instead of the delicious asparagus.  

After dishes, we got set-up in Waldo for an evening of 6 handed Haus with Martins and Eddie and Lori Paparo, who are also camping here at Sea Pines.  They are in our small group at church.  We had such a fun evening and of course, the women won both games and quite handily I might add!

We called it a night around 10 and even though the weather wasn't the best today, we had a great time!

Wish I had some pictures to post, but we didn't take any today.  What were we thinking?????


  1. Where are you planing to travel to out west? We have spent a lot of time out here and may be able to help.

  2. Could you find out if Ed Paparo is related to Greg. Tom used to work with him at Dawson Homes and we got our poodle, Puff Puff from him.