Sunday, June 19, 2016

Craft Show at North Wildwood and then to Avalon Beach!

After a good night's sleep, some reading time, downloading photos and completing yesterday's blog, we enjoyed a good breakfast and got ready to go to a craft show on the street at North Wildwood.  We were hoping to find some new craft ideas!  Martins decided to head to the beach instead of going with us.

The craft show wasn't overly exciting but we did spend time chatting with a couple who had pendants and pictures made out of sea glass.  They were happy to share some ideas with us and we appreciated their "tips".   My pictures would be a lot simpler than theirs and I would use a lot less sea glass per picture, but they did a good job.

Walking along the sea wall looking down on the craft vendors!

We did walk along the sea wall enjoying the ocean view and then arriving at the boardwalk. 

Quite a beautiful, wide beach!

Lots of waves breaking before reaching the shoreline!

Fairly full on the beach!
This cactus was blooming along the sea wall.  So pretty!

We love the archway at the beginning of the boardwalk!

And then it was time to start walking back to the car.

At the lighthouse there was a maritime festival with old time craft folks and information on some of the history of the area.  The lighthouse is very unique! 

This charming lighthouse was built in 1874!

The blacksmith was busy working and boy did he have a hot

We were able to get our 10,000 steps before we left.   On the way back we called Chuck to sing Happy Birthday, only to find out we were ahead of ourselves.  His birthday isn't until the 26th.  He said that was fine because we got to be the 1st to acknowledge his birthday this year.  What a hoot!  

By 1:00 we were back to Waldo to have lunch and get ready to head to the beach to join Fred and Doloris.  We arrived there at 2:15 and only stayed till 4:15.  Both of us were tired and maybe a bit dehydrated.  It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day with the temperature reaching 86 degrees.

Back to Waldo to shower and rest for just a short time and then both of us were ready to go again.  Fred had started a campfire so Ken went outside and they spent time chatting.  I joined them after doing some clean-up in Waldo.  Doloris joined us after showering.

After enjoying dinner together at their campsite it was time again for some delicious s'mores, but only Fred and I indulged.  They were delicious.  Those square marshmallows are amazing!

We played 5 Crowns (w) and then another game of Skip-Bo which the men won again by 1 card.  What is wrong with this picture????  We just can't win that game no matter how hard we try.  

We returned to Waldo at 11 PM after another wonderful day of beautiful weather and sharing it with special friends.

Happy Father's Day!  Ken got calls from both Lanie and Jamie and he was so grateful for their kind words.  He really is such a special husband, father, and PaPa who always offers such encouragement, support, understanding, and a good example for all of us.

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