Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Day in the Campground!

After a night of having a terrible time falling asleep and then a thunderstorm that woke me several times, this gal only woke at 8:15 (I never fell asleep until after 2:00 AM!).  The 4 of us had decided we would go to Fortescue to look for more sea glass around noon today, but after seeing the weather forecast when we got up there was a change of plans.  They were predicting storms this morning and more severe ones later in the afternoon.  

We tried to eat our breakfast outside, but the humidity and bugs did not allow us to do that.  After cleaning up, we walked over to Martins and discussed our plans for the day.  Doloris really gets bite by bugs, more than the rest of us, so she was not excited to spend time outdoors.  We also decided it was not a good day to drive to Fortescue.  So, Ken and I returned to Waldo and he paid bills and checked our accounts while I did some scrapbook pages for the camping trip with our granddaughters.

Fred and Doloris had decided to go to the beach after lunch since it never did rain, but the clouds rolled in and severe storms were forecast again, so they stayed inside reading.  Ken and I were getting a bit restless, so we went for a short walk and then played some ladder golf - Ken won 2 of the 3 games!  By then it was starting to "drip", so we went to Martins and we started a game of Skip-Bo.

Around 3:45 Ken's phone put out a beaming sound informing us there was a tornado warning in our area for the next 1/2 hour and we should seek cover. Lots of rain, hail and up to 70 mph gusts of wind were expected.  The 4 of us decided to head to the bathhouse for shelter and by then it was "pouring". There were 2 other young families there when we arrived who had just checked into the CG but had not yet settled on a site.  So, about 12 of us had a great time chatting in the ladies restroom!

Nothing like waiting out a possible tornado in a ladies restroom.
One of the couples had just been to Lanc. County, so there
was a lot to talk about!  They love whoopie pies!

2 dogs were even part of the group!

Both of the families are full-time RVer's, one for 6 months and the other for 1 year and the children are home schooled.  The men both can do their computer type jobs from their RV's.  Fortunately, the tornado and all of the wind and hail never happened, but we did have very heavy rains.  By 4:30 we were back in Waldo and the rain was basically over.  

We put our slides out (we had put them in as a pre-caution) and got reorganized.  Fred and Doloris decided to go to Sea Isle City to Jack's Seafood for all your can eat crab legs.  Ken and I played a game of Pinochle (he won) and then started dinner - salads, salmon, a pork chop, and grilled potatoes.

After cleaning up we got together with Fred and Doloris to play games - they got back around 7:15.

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