Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Day at Circle M with Samantha and Katelyn!

The people in the motorhome next to us (a diesel) where outside and getting ready to leave at 5:30 and boy were they noisy.  I think they must have be hard of hearing.  Then they had trouble getting their jacks to retract - what a disturbing MESS!  It woke Ken and I and of course then Samantha and Katelyn. They were back to our bed at 6:15, but did go back to the LR to color until about 7.  We read and rested.

The girls watched a short movie while Ken and I prepped breakfast.  All of us had pancakes - we had flax and they had regular ones with plenty of fruit.  It was a bit chilly for playing outside, so they watched a movie they brought from home while building things with dominoes.  I worked on my blog and Ken went through photos on the camera.

We walked to the Arcade so they could play some games and then did a round of mini golf.  Samantha was a bit more receptive to help and she did very well. She actually had two holes in 1 - WOW!  I felt good beating PaPa.  Then they enjoyed the playground before walking back to Waldo playing Red Light, Green Light.  

They may be a bit old for this small carousel, but it is tradition!!

Photos at the cacti are yearly too!

Samantha and Katelyn wanted
PaPa to take some pictures when
they posed on the rocks!

They enjoyed playing the Hospital Game that PaPa had put on his I-Pad when Bria and Cali were here.  I did more work on the blog and Ken went through photos he had taken earlier today on his phone.

Then it was time for lunch before heading to the CG pool.  We tried eating outside but the air was a bit chilly, so we moved indoors.  After clean-up, we got ready to go to the pool.

Samantha was in the pool for all of the 2 hours we were there.  Katelyn thought the water was too cold, so she was only in about 1/2 hour.  She did spend some time in the warmer kiddie pool.  Ken was the good PaPa and played with Samantha in the water for at least 45 minutes.  She loved it.  I am so disappointed I didn't take any photos of them playing together, but I am usually not the photographer and I just didn't give it a thought!  I need to do better!

Katelyn was all smiles at 1st, but then decided the water
was just too cold!

Samantha loved being in the pool!

Back to Waldo by 4:15 and we all got showers.  PaPa started a campfire and we had fun blowing bubbles and playing ball.  Then he grilled and Grandma made more mac and cheese, one of our favorites.  Then it was time for one of our special treats - s'mores made with a new square marshmallow.  They were delicious. 
I think they enjoyed roasting their marshmallows!  Maybe????

But, they did enjoy eating them!

Even all the sticky mess!

PaPa seemed to be enjoying the treat too!

PaPa volunteered to clean up after dinner while I walked Samantha and Katelyn to the camp store for ice cream.  2 special treats were necessary when camping with PaPa and Grandma!

Samantha is trying to keep her chocolate ice cream
"under control" and Katelyn is enjoying her Cotton Candy!

Ken and I did some organizing for our departure tomorrow.  Then the 4 of us watched 1/2 of the movie Frozen!  We will watch the rest of it tomorrow morning.

It has been another fun day and we are so thankful for all the gorgeous, sunny days we had for this adventure!  All 4 of our granddaughters are growing up to be wonderful young ladies who are lots of fun to be with on a camping trip!

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