Wednesday, November 9, 2016

1st Day in Sedona!

We were all up too late last night, so we got up later and had to pack lunches, cook breakfast, etc. this morning before we could leave.  The 4 of us only left the CG at 10 and drove straight to Sedona.  The drive was as beautiful as I remembered!

Driving into Sedona and seeing the beautiful rock formations
for the 1st time!


We stopped at the Visitors Center and had a very knowledgeable volunteer from PA who moved here 4 years ago.  He loves to hike, so he had so much information to share with us.  

From there we decided to walk around the downtown area with the 1st stop being at a Coffee Shop for some drinks and a delicious pastry.  We enjoyed sitting outside with a great view of some of the gorgeous red rocks that Sedona is famous for.  We took our time walking and checking out the many shops.

Rather nice place to have coffee and a pastry!

View from our table!

Love this metal sculpture! 

We drove outside of town to the Baldwin Trailhead and ate lunch there before starting the 3 1/2 mile hike.  Really didn't plan to hike quite that far but we just couldn't help ourselves.  It was such a beautiful area and we kept wanting to see what was around the bend!  We did about 1/3 of the Baldwin Loop Trail before branching onto the Cathedral Trail which bordered along Oak Creek.  It had been quite awhile since we walked along a creek or through a wooded area and we all enjoyed the greenery and the sound of the "babbling brook".  The desert areas we visited were exceptional, but we all agreed that water and trees with leaves were a welcomed change!

More beautiful rocks on the drive to the trailhead!

Another great place to have lunch!

Yes, the soil really is this red!

These cairns, made from rocks placed in  wire "containers",
are the trail markers!  They blend in nicely with the terrain!

Large, healthy cacti! 
The large rock formation on the left is cathedral rock!

Today we actually got to see a creek - Oak Creek!

Be careful, Ernie!

Not only did we see water, but trees with leaves - WOW!!

What a nice cairn!  No, I didn't build it!

We came back on the 1/2 mile Cathedral Trail and then continued on the Baldwin Loop.  What a picturesque trail and such a diverse terrain - sand, very red soil, smooth large rocks, and loose rocks.  There were lots of cacti along the trail too.  It was an invigorating hike. 

Lots of greenery!

I think there is a balance rock in every park!

An area where there were lots of ocotilli (not really
 a cactus but looks like one) and prickly pears.

In numerous areas there were many, many prickly pear cacti!

So many different colors in the rocks!

We only returned to the CG around 6:30 and it was very dark.  We decided to spend the evening going through our information we got at the Visitors Center and I wanted to work on my blog and download photos.  So it was a "gameless" night.

Tomorrow we will drive to the "ghost town" of Jerome where we will watch the movie and tour the museum before having lunch at Grapes.  Ken and I have eaten there before and they have very good food and the setting is so nice.  It will be another fun day!

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