Monday, November 7, 2016

No Hiking Today!

Ken and I took a short walk around the CG and it is a large one with many permanent park models.  It also offers many amenities such as pickleball, tennis, horseshoes, hot tubs, and minerals pools.  They also have many planned activities each day.  It is rather impressive.

After a light breakfast Ken and I drove to Palm Springs to walk some of the downtown area. On the drive in we were surprise by how they "trim" the palm trees and how they are present in the desert area with the mountains in the background!

Looks like a vase or keg with a palm growing in it or maybe
a large pineapple!

We were impressed with the many sidewalk type cafes, coffee shops, sculptures and beautiful, old restaurants.

This was very beautiful!

Some unique metal work!

Lots of bougainvilleas!

A stunning old restaurant..... 
......with a huge courtyard!

 A nice place to lock your bike!
Stars that light along the sidewalks.  Sort of like Lititz at

Palm trees must be important!  They put the roof around them!

I also got to sit and chat with one of my favorite stars, Lucy, and see Sonny Bono (I couldn't find Cher) who we watched on TV from 1971 to 1974. 

It was so exciting to sit and chat with Lucy!

Sonny Bono!

We also enjoyed checking out the "stars" on the sidewalks.  We didn't get to see many of them but my "favorite" was a standout - Elvis!

Growing up I was such an Elvis fan and then he went
and died on my birthday!

We left that area and met Mike and Becky Fletcher, who moved from our home area probably 15 plus years ago and for the last 1 1/2 years have been living in La Quinta, not far from Palm Springs.  Both of their daughters settled in this area.  We enjoyed having lunch with them at Panera Bread and sharing what has been happening in our lives for the past 20 years.  We appreciated their willingness to visit with us and a special thanks to Clare LeFevre for getting us together!

So good to spend time with Mike and Becky!
From there Ken and I went to Costco and Wal-Mart to get some necessary groceries before leaving early tomorrow morning for Sedona.  We were back to the CG by 4 and Ken started getting things packed up for our departure.  I decided Waldo needed a good cleaning, so that was my job.

Ernie and Noela did their "own thing" today which included an oil change for the truck, getting some groceries, and visiting some sights in the area.

It was a good day to do some relaxing before the long driving day tomorrow. Looking forward to returning to Sedona, one of the places we considered a favorite.  But after this trip, we have seen so many amazing places and such diverse landscapes, that we really don't have favorites.  Each location has offered us such different things and are all special in their own way.  No wonder it is called "America the Beautiful".

Played 1 game of Skip-Bo with Ernie and Noela and the women finally won - Hallelujah!!!


  1. I must visit that NP. So happy you were able to see the Fletchers! Safe travels!

  2. I must visit that NP. So happy you were able to see the Fletchers! Safe travels!